Biden Earpiece Confirmed?

Remember how Joe Biden sounded just a few months ago? 

Barely able to finish a sentence, throwing out inane tangents and regularly getting the facts completely wrong, it’s no wonder that people started to speculate about why his way of speaking changed just before the debates. 

Just the other day, a surprising video revealed that there may be more to the Biden earpiece theory than there seemed at first…

With the Capitol on lockdown leading up to Biden’s inauguration, it’s no surprise that Biden walked through a crowd of marines on his way to the podium.

The surprise was what happened when he met them.

The widely circulated video shows Biden walking up to the marines, then mumbling something under his breath. 

It sounds very much like he’s saying ‘salute the marines’, leading to a resurgence of the claim that Biden was having lines and actions fed to him through an earpiece, and that he mistook an instruction for something he should say out loud.

Of course, according to Biden’s fans in the media, the incident was nothing unusual. According to the ‘fact checkers’ at the Washington Post and the like, Biden said nothing like that.

The thing is, their explanation is just as bizarre an action…

According to them, what Biden actually said was something like ‘good looking marines’.

Does that make any sense to you? A man just going up to a crowd of marines and complimenting their looks under his breath? With everyone masked, it makes even less sense – they’re telling you that it’s normal to compliment people whose faces you can’t see?

Either way, it’s incredibly bizarre behavior – in fact, Biden telling himself to salute the marines almost makes more sense than the excuse the media have come up with…

Of course, you already know that the media will keep running cover for Biden, no matter how obvious his mistakes get – despite the series of broken promises he’s already made, they still won’t say a bad word about him.

As always, just imagine how they’d be covering it if President Trump did the exact same thing!

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2 Thoughts to “Biden Earpiece Confirmed?”

  1. Dawn Doran

    I’m not going to tell you people again…BIDEN DOES HAVE DEMENTIA…HE is all hat talking , to get ready for for his Democratic Group to take over, while he hides in the basement at the White House…I do not trust Biden’s words…

    His wife should be ashamed of herself, for allowing her husband to go through all those problems…

  2. GI Bride

    No one could come up with all the crazy things Biden has done alone. Or the people who have been appointed to Biden/ Harris administration . Unless they are setting him up for a quick removal under the 25th amendment. What say you all ????

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