Wall Street Rejects Free Trade

It’s no secret that American greatness was founded on free trade…

But now, the billionaires of Wall Street are doing everything they can to shut out individual trade, banning people like you from making any money from their investments.

Here’s why the events of the last few days show just how Wall Street is trying to END the free market:

It started as a joke, but quickly became a sign of something far more serious. 

When amateur investors noticed that multi-billion dollar hedge fund Melvin Capital had bet big against tech company GameStop, they realized there was a real opportunity for profit.

Recently, investors at the hedge fund had shorted vast amounts of GameStop stock, betting that the stock’s value would vastly decrease over the next few weeks. 

The fund invested an unbelievable amount of money into this bet – and then the amateurs noticed what was going on.

By buying up the stock in question, they were able to rapidly increase the value of their shares by over 600%, making huge profits while Melvin Capital’s bets failed. 

It’s the free market at it’s best… 

Individual, motivated investors fighting back against Wall Street billionaires, and making major profits in the process.

The problem is, Wall Street hates it when the average person makes money. If they had it their way, people like you or me wouldn’t be able to invest at all… the stock market would just be a way for the already-rich to get richer…

A new monarchy instead of the capitalist values driving American excellence.

They acted quickly, pressuring their allies in Big Tech to shut down the platforms that the small-time investors were using to coordinate.

They’ve been getting the media to post ridiculous takes about the stock, calling it every name under the sun, while trying to shame those who profited from the investment.

Now, they’re trying to end free trade altogether. They’ve halted trading on the stock, trying to stop average people from making any more profit – or even claiming the money they earned.

There’s a very clear message being sent. They think people like you shouldn’t have the market opportunities that they have.

If that’s not bad enough, managers from the near-bankrupt hedge fund are now begging for a bailout. 

That’s right – the billionaires think they shouldn’t be allowed to lose money… that they should be able to gamble without any risk…

That free trade shouldn’t be allowed when it’s inconvenient to Wall Street…

That you should be the only one losing out.

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