Biden’s Unemployment Bonus Breeds Lazy Americans

Biden is killing the American work ethic. As the country re-opened post-COVID, more jobs have become available, but there are fewer workers willing to go back to the workforce.

According to Morning Consult, 1.84 million Americans “turned down work” this July to keep Biden’s unemployment bonus. 

Biden signed a law last March which delivered a $300 weekly bonus to Americans who were unemployed during the pandemic… on top of regular unemployment benefits. 

Biden is babying the workforce and turning American citizens into children who feed off government money that’s provided by our tax dollars.

Many people have turned down work as a result of the “free money” Biden has been giving out; with no incentives to return to work, it’s not looking good for hundreds of businesses who are also finding it difficult to find hard-working employees. 

Most people would rather take the government’s unemployment bonus than be employed again.

The labor market may be healing slowly considering the number of jobs available, but the bad policies of the Biden administration threaten our economy in the long run.

Conservative commentator Daniel Henninger said, “By paying people not to work, the Biden democrats will damage the U.S. work ethic for a generation.” 

While most of us are working and paying our taxes, there will be others that stay at home doing nothing and still earning money. 

Biden’s unemployment bonus is destroying our country’s work ethic. And his other projects for infrastructure, education, and healthcare… all amounting to $6 trillion. No wonder our inflation rate is skyrocketing.

The costs to fund his projects are estimated to push federal spending to its highest sustained levels since World War II. Inflation for next year is also projected to increase exponentially as a result. In fact, inflation grew by 5% in just one month last June. It’s the sharpest increase we’ve seen in 13 years…

America is at risk of becoming a “socialist” society. 

The first step towards socialism is to take away people’s ambitions, take away guns from anyone who could oppose them, make the population dependent on the government, destroy our financial systems, and devalue our currency.

Notice that Biden is doing all these things… if this continues, we will witness chaos in our country.

Biden is becoming more of a hypocrite with every move he makes. His actions are contradictory to his favorite proverb, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” 

He can’t say it right and he can’t do it right…

His actions right now are ruining our economy as he spoils our workforce. 

There’s a possibility that Biden is planning to make as many Americans dependent on the government as possible; these people will be his permanent voters… and the ones to eventually help him bankrupt the nation.

The quickest solution to restore our work ethic, avoid socialism and decrease inflation would be to cancel the unemployment bonus right now…

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7 Thoughts to “Biden’s Unemployment Bonus Breeds Lazy Americans”

  1. bruce thomas

    biden’s gotta go

  2. tim


  3. Patricia A Moore

    By giving money to “stay home workers,” makes for dependence, slaves to Government, taking away any ambitions and creating the demonic socialism. Dems are paying non workers to, eventually, vote for them. “OUT OF THIS WORLD INFLATION” will ruin our economy. Puppet Biden and puppeteers have no appreciation, ethics, compassion, integrity, and love for the GREATIST Nation in the world. Americans will NOT let these barbarians govern us. God Bless America as America will Bless God!!!

  4. Gary Korty

    I have worked through this whole lockdown I have never asked the Government for anything except for the availability to provide for my family and my wife also did the same thing If you except money from the Government you also expect their control!!!


    contact elon and send all demonrats one way to the moon-end of problems

  6. Lawrence

    They need to stop giving them the extra money and some of them will go back to work.
    And if you’re still not going back to work stop the welfare except if you have a medical issue that prevents you from doing anything.
    But even then you can only buy food and medicine no booze or tobacco products.

  7. Jerry

    What is the GOP doing .I KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING THEY ARE KISSING BIDEN AND DEMOCRATS ASS !!!!!NEED TO LOOK AT MIDTERMS AND START REPLACING THEM WE NEED people that will fight for the American people they need to start investigating where or what country is filling their bank accounts !!!!!

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