Toyota Turns Back on Republican Party

The dems are brainwashing major car company Toyota. The company has decided to stop donating to our Republican patriots in Congress who objected to Biden’s election win. They’re getting the upper hand… and it’s not looking good for us.

According to Axios, Toyota was the Political Action Committee (PAC) that gave Republicans the biggest donation since January 2021. The company gave $55,000 to 37 Republican patriots in Congress this year. 

Toyota provided our patriots at least twice as much compared to other companies that donated:

Toyota’s spokesperson shared his thoughts about donating to our Republican patriots. He said, “We do not believe it is appropriate to judge members of Congress solely based on their votes on the electoral certification.”

Then he added, “Based on our thorough review, we decided against giving to some members who, through their statements and actions, undermine the legitimacy of our elections and institutions.”

Everything was running smoothly… Unfortunately this July, the tables have turned against our Republican patriots.

Toyota said that they will stop donating to members of the US Congress who voted against the certification of Biden’s election victory.

The company’s latest statement became “contradictory” to what they mentioned earlier… that says it’s “inappropriate” to solely base votes on the electoral certification. 

With the influence of the dems, Toyota said, “We are actively listening to our stakeholders and, at this time, we have decided to stop contributing to those Members of Congress who contested the certification of certain states in the 2020 election.”

Why did they become biased against the Republican patriots they were helping months ago? Toyota’s sincerity is becoming more questionable.

There’s a huge possibility that the dem’s twisted ideals are affecting Toyota. 

  • They branded Toyota as the “vehicle of insurrectionists”
  • They got a lot of backlash in social media from dems
  • They received many boycott calls from powerful authorities

A lot of public figures threatened the company…

Screenwriter Michael Green mentioned, “Toyota says they don’t believe it matters where money flows. In which case they won’t mind [if] our money flowed out of their pocket this morning.”

Actor Kirk Acevedo said, “I drive a Toyota and I’m about to burn that bi*** to the ground unless Toyota makes a formal apology and stops donating to traitors.”

Former NewsHour correspondent John Merrow had a straight-forward tweet of boycotting Toyota:

Toyota is being manipulated by the dems… These progressives made the company believe that public opinion can make them lose their sales. 

So the company made a choice to stay in business… by going against statements they made publically just a few months ago. Toyota was too naive to put their trust in those twisted dems…

Toyota had a great start and good intentions at first. But now they’re being too biased.

The dems with their political agenda is going too far. They’re even corrupting companies that should be unifying and helping our patriots…

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38 Thoughts to “Toyota Turns Back on Republican Party”

  1. Poor White Boy

    Well I sure do hope that every Republican and right leaning American stop buying Toyota products as I am sure that majority of their business comes from hard working people and not the freeloading Democrat type.

  2. Harriet

    So disappointed in Toyota. This is just one more company whose those in charge lack intestinal fortitude. How sad for our country!

  3. Diane

    I’m appalled Toyota is bowing to the Dems and the hatred they spew. I say stand strong with what the good in your conscious tells you to do. Don’t feel pressured by what’s wrong, but do what’s right. In the end, you will feel good about your decision. Don’t run in the face of fear; face your fear. You aren’t the only one having to face the Dems pressure; the ultimate decision is how you stand up in doing what you know is right versus wrong.

  4. formermarine

    Way to go toyota , you lost another buyer . Was going to order an engine , transmission and other parts from the company and spend over two hundred thousand . Will just send My 92 celica to a junk yard to be crushed , will film whole ceremony and post online under comedy with a statement why it is such trash

  5. Ron

    Looks like no Toyoia products in my familie’s future, we don’t have to do business with communist companies.

  6. Kiss My Azz

    Toyotas ran forever for me and my dad ( back in the 70’s ), I was deciding to get a new TOY since the one I have STILL is a 2003 RAV4. BUTT… TOYOTA just loss another customer!!!

  7. Robert van Noggeren

    I have owned 2 Hondas, 1 Toyota and 1 Nissan, all automobiles that I have greatly enjoyed. I was planning on buying another Toyota. Not now, they have caused me to hange my mind. Probably going to be a Honda. Nissan will be 2nd choie.

  8. Ron Maupin

    Wake up America!

  9. Susan Gore

    I have been thinking about buying a Toyota truck but if they’re going to let the democrats tell them what to do I think I’ll change to a different company.

  10. Ken

    There are too many good autos available to buy a Toyota. I hope they feel pain for their blunder.

  11. Michael Belavich

    I was thinking about. Rave 4 that T sells. But since they bend do to the DemocRATs I am not buying from them

  12. Pat Decator

    You couldn’t pay me to get a Toyota product. Have you watched the vehicles the Taliban and Isis are using in Afghanistan where our 13 + troops were killed. They are Toyota products. All about the dollar.

    SUCH A BACK STABBING COMPANY to AMERICA. I am truly sorry for their employees.

  13. Deborah

    Then I guess when I get ready to buy another truck I will be trading my tundra for something that doesn’t worry about what political party buyer represent or who’s democratic ads they will kiss because next year it will be a Republican caucus and those that dismiss us will get left behind in 2024 then How will Toyota feel with no tax breaks and no way to sell their. Vehicles. No more Toyota’s for me

  14. Gary Lanigan

    I have purchased many Toyota’s over the years and have enjoyed the ride. My practice was in home therapy so I drove many miles every day. The Dems can have you I WILL NOT BE DRIVING THEIR CARS ANYMORE!!!!

  15. v a

    I agree the best way to remind corporations that no matter how good their products may be there is always another company to do business with in the United States that’s just as good. It is not up to a corporation to try and pressure and/or influence my voting rights, thinking, or buying options, because of their own political ties, personal beliefs, and/or agendas. I will not knowingly continue to do business with companies that spew hatred and radical left thinking that is based on ending democracy, freedom, and free speech. This is America and millions upon millions of us chose to support the people we believe have the best interest of the American people at heart. People of courage, strength, and integrity that by their actions are proving their loyalty and commitment to this country, our flag, and the American people each and every day. People, who support, respect, and honor our military, our law enforcement, our border patrol and Ice. Patriots, who refuse to quit or overlook the problems and situations that are happening in and around our country today. Instead, these amazing people remain steadfast and unmovable in trying to fix the problems and find solutions to things that have happened like Afganistan, the illegals over flowing our borders, parental rights in schools where their own children are concerned, freedom of religion, the economy and inflation, basically doing things the right way to maintain a strong country, military, and economy, so Americans are safe and can afford to eat decently and buy gas for their cars. It is these great Americans, who are spending their time trying to correct the problems…not add to them. Great men and women, who love this country and the American people, people like Donald Trump, Governor Abbott, Governor DeSantis, Senator Ted Cruz, Congressman Mark Wayne Mullins, Congressman Byron Donalds, Governor Nome, and many others. Patriots who choose democracy, and make keeping our freedoms, rights, and liberties their main objective everyday, because for them Americans come first. These people and others like them are the ones I trust to run the country, because their hearts and their wisdom in decision making show in every single move they make…and, it also shows by their actions. I would urge all American’s to research beyond what the mainstream media shares on the air, because this is your country too, and knowledge is power in making wise decisions.

    To preach goodwill, and then use hate and bigotry to make your point…only proves the confusion and disingenuous nature, resting within one’s own heart and soul. When deceit, lies, falsehoods, fabrications, manipulation, and justification of your own wrong doing all become second nature to you…you need to stop and ask yourself who do you truly serve and is that the type of beliefs and ideals you really want to pass down to future generations….I hope your answer is NO.

  16. The Angler

    Just a short opinion, I used to be a believer in the Toyota Product because they MANUFACTURING PHILOSOPHY meant QUALITY of PRODUCT. With the COMPANY going “WOKE” and CANCEL CULTURE MENTALITIES will eventually cause that QUALITY to be that of KIA or HYUNDAI. I was proud to own a TOYOTA when they stood up to the DEMOCRATIC PARTY’S EVIL INTIMIDATION, MANIPULATIONS and BULLYING. Will not buy another.

  17. Disgusted Elder

    We were in the market for a new SUV and Toyota was looking good until now. We are Republicans, and we are pissed off. Many great makes of vehicles other than Toyota.

  18. Richard


  19. Ken Smith

    Yeah, they worry about the dems boycotting them. The fiscally responsible Republicans are the ones with the money. Because the election was stolen, I have no problem boycotting Toyota and will do so unless they change their tune. Once they have a chance to dig into the numbers, I am sure they will contribute to those true Patriots that had a backbone!

  20. Milford Palmer

    I guess i will have to get rid of my Highlander. Time to go back to Chevy.

  21. Robert E. Altee

    I was an adamant believer that Toyota produced the very best auto in the industry. I have owned only Toyotas since 1980. Because Toyota has allowed politics to become a serious, driving factor in it’s condemnation of Republican voters, I have now switched from Toyota to a Korean-made luxury sedan. Toyota should be very cautious about their support of communist politicians who are totally infested in the Democrat Party. Come November 2022, Republicans will once again take over the Senate and House of Reps. Biden’s balls will be caught in a vise grip. They will remain in that grip until 2024, when they resume complete takeover of the Presidency, Senate, and House of Reps. Things will change drastically then to overcome the shit that Biden and his Administration have cast upon our Nation. Toyota should have thought more seriously about dropping support of the people who have absolute proof that the Republicans truthfully won the 2020 election, but illegal “voting” activities by the Democrats seemed to prevail. democrats will pay for their acts.

  22. bob

    Until Toyota decideds to get out of politics ,,,, we’ll be DONE with them .

  23. Ronald K Reddout

    For all of you out there who love democracy and the freedoms it brings to America, Do Not Buy Another TOYOTA Product or part!! Communist leaning companies such as Toyota MUST be Shut Down!!

  24. Ronald K Reddout

    For those of you who believe in Democracy and the Freedoms it brings to the American People, Do Not Buy Any TOYOTA Product or Part!! Communist-leaning companies such as Toyota MUST be Shut Down Completely!!

  25. Gail

    Need to replace our 2000 Rav 4 and our 2003 Rav 4 as getting more expensive repair Bill’s. Was going to get newer Rav 4’s, but not now. Will not support them as they turned traitors to good American voters. So Sad!

  26. Gary L. Ahrens

    “We The People” need to contact Toyota and WIN them back by TRUTH and DIPLOMACY. They’re generally a traditionally polite and peaceful people, and a valuable ally in the Orient among the many other attributes.

    Their recent turn was the result of an evil liberal poisoning. Please contact the Toyota Officials and flood them with the TRUTH.

  27. tim


  28. Terry Harland

    Thanks, Toyota for helping me to decide not to purchase a vehicle from you. I am buying an American brand pick-up truck. I’m done with Toyota.

  29. JJ Plummer

    I agree. I have a 2009 Carola with 104700 miles and planned on replacing next year – IT WILL NOT BE A TOYOTA!!!!!!!

  30. Pat

    BOYCOTT TOYOTA********DEMONCRAPS SUCK🤬🤬🤮🤮🤮👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  31. Hawkeye

    I loved my Celica but will never buy another Toyota after this. They can try to sell the one I would have purchased to a democrat welfare recipient or one of Bidens illegals.

  32. florida boy

    Toyota,the first choice of islamo-terrorists across the world as being the best vehicle to build their “technicals”out of, with the post mounted machine guns in the back! Go sell your trash in Afghanistan you morally flaccid opportunists. I will get the Ford I just bought in 2 days. Adios Toyota slimebags!

  33. Leonard

    NO Toyota for me

  34. bob

    If Toyota had any brains , instead of siding with the GESTOPO of the democratic party and all their little NAZIS who are DESTROYING our country ,,,,, they’d go with Conservatives who want to save our country . Now , 75 million Patriots should BOYCOTT Toyota to show them they’re on a losing team !! FUCK TOYOTA !!!

  35. florida boy

    goodbye Toyota, I just bought a Ford today instead of your “talibanmobile”. Car makers only commit financial suicide by doing this pitifully thoughtless act of spouting the politics of one side.

  36. Goodwizard7

    I have a list of car brands that I am considering buying my wife’s next car from. Toyota is now definitely OFF of that list and on my OTHER list. That list is for moronic WOKE companies and unpatriotic, unAmerican places of business.

    I am an American patriot, a conservative Republican. I don’t support socialist, communist, radical, unAmerican, leftist enterprises.

  37. mike

    y would a company that makes one of t best car in t world do such a thing like that is beyound me how stupit can they be. crazy

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