Big Pharma: Continues to Profit from Opioid Deaths

Ever wondered how the opioid crisis got so bad?

With almost half a million deaths, and an annual cost of over $80 Billion for taxpayers like you and me, every American NEEDS to understand the opioid crisis, how Big Pharma caused it – and how much money they’re making from it…

Opioid abuse, from heroin to opium, may be older than America… but there’s no doubt that the problem’s gotten much worse in the last few years, with the number of addicts racking up quickly… all thanks to Big Pharma.

The latest chapter in the story started back in 1995, when a drug called OxyContin was invented. 

OxyContin’s makers claimed that the drug was a safe way to treat anyone in pain… pretending that there was no danger… no chance of addiction… practically no risk for anyone. 

Obviously, none of that was true. The drug was practically as dangerous and addictive as heroin… and Big Pharma was starting a marketing push for it.

By offering doctors major cash incentives for every prescription, they guaranteed that millions of Americans would be hooked on the drug… no matter what they went to their doctor for. With doctors getting bigger cash incentives for larger prescriptions, serious addictions became more and more common.

I don’t need to tell you how hard it is to kick an opioid addiction… imagine how much worse it is when your doctor’s telling you there’s no chance of you being addicted. 

With millions of Americans now hooked on a drug that everyone said was safe, the death toll started climbing…

Of course, Big Pharma wasn’t done making money from the drug, even with the deaths rising across America.

In fact, in one of the most grotesque twists in the whole story, they tried to turn the overdoses into a marketing strategy, getting ready to offer doctors vast bounties whenever one of their patients overdosed.

By creating the opioid crisis, Big Pharma has killed over half a million, ruined the lives of millions more… and taken home billions in profits.

It’s time to demand accountability for the crisis… the tiny penalties that Big Pharma has been charged are just nowhere near enough, with their profits from drugs like OxyContin still measured in the billions.

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3 Thoughts to “Big Pharma: Continues to Profit from Opioid Deaths”

  1. lyin biden.

    Sorry folks but this Big pharma being the cause of the opioid issue is old tried and a lie.

    We have had an opium issue in this country since the early 1800’s. China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia and south america have been growing opium poppies for centuries. Long before large pharmaceutical companies existed. there was opium being brought to america.

    People are bring tons and tons of opium across the southern border. if you think don’t like the opium problem why is the southern border open?

    Face it you love the opium problem.

  2. Robert Messmer

    The FDA is not innocent since it approved OxyContin for sale. Why didn’t they do their job and require a big BLACK box warning about the danger of addiction? Why did the FDA approve the use of OxyContin for children of 11 to 16 in August of 2015?

  3. Brenda Muller

    What about soboxone is that gonna turn out to be a big lie too?

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