CIA: Why They Can’t Be Trusted

The CIA has its eyes and ears everywhere, so it’s no surprise that they feel the need to be involved in everyone’s business, including yours…

We know the CIA’s underhanded deals are nothing new; each time they are exposed results in another unsurprising disappointment… a shock for those naive enough to still trust them.

Here’s one they don’t want to tell you about… MK-ULTRA, the still-classified, drug-powered scheme to control everything about American lives…

Modern politics have become a playground for the rapidly changing opinions of the partisan elites, and naturally the CIA’s integrity is at the forefront of the debate.

Despite the media’s feigned concern about stories of the CIA’s questionable behavior, it should be no surprise to see Liberals suddenly starting to love them after their recent political battle with President Trump. 

Even during the 2016 presidential election, the CIA was under fire after Russian President Vladimir Putin was falsely accused of using Russian hackers to help elect President Trump. Unsurprisingly, Trump rejected this notion, and made it his goal to purge the incompetent from the intelligence Bureaucracy. 

The CIA’s involvement in this matter was the result of their usual methods of meddling – being anonymous leaks to the media – just to spark useless debate against President Trump in the media again and again… 

However the CIA’s questionable actions and incompetence run much deeper than a mere election scandal. One story in particular is operation MK-Ultra, and the CIA’s history of human experimentation.   

In April 10 1953, CIA director Allen Dulles delivered a speech clearly stating his plans for the future of the CIA. He voiced his opinions regarding the recent end of the Korean War, and the returning POWs who were suspected to have been “converted” by “communist brain-washers”.  

Dulles considered America to be thoroughly handicapped when it came to “brain warfare”. After expressing his fear and uncertainty against it, He claimed that this sort of human experimentation was antithetical to American values as well as human values. 

Ironically, it was this thinking that took the concept of human mind control to another level in the media, and provided Americans an excuse to feel comfort with the rise of Communism and the news of the Soviet Union’s “brainwashing techniques”. 

Shortly after his speech condemning Soviet tactics, Dulles approved MK-Ultra; a top secret CIA program geared towards researching and developing their own mind-control techniques.

…who can see where this is going already?

It seems that the CIA was never an organization to follow American and humanitarian values, rather they seek any means necessary to acquire the tools they need to gain further control over us, while keeping it all a secret. 

The MK-Ultra program used biological and chemical materials to conduct experiments centered around behavior modification through various methods. From electroshock therapy to radiation, and the use of various drugs, toxins, and chemicals, these experiments were conducted on the most vulnerable members of society who were easy to manipulate.  

One of the drugs in question is LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide) or acid, and became the focal research point of MK-Ultra. At this point, the CIA had taken it upon themselves to conduct ruthless experiments on prisoners using LSD, in the hopes that they could use the drug as a method of interrogation.  

What started out as a speech voicing the concerns of unknown and unethical “mind control” practices by the Communist Soviets, quickly became a secretly funded research operation into the use of LSD as an offensive material.  

Agency officials were quick to point out that LSD “would be useful to gaining control over bodies whether they were willing or not”… 

I don’t know about you, but this seems like a direct contradiction to Dulles earlier comments about human experimentation being antithetical to American and human values… No wonder they sided with Clinton against President Trump 

And to make matters worse, the CIA knew exactly how terrible these experiments were…

MK-Ultra was kept tightly under wraps, out of fear that for the kinds of consequences the CIA would face if their LSD experiments on naive Americans were exposed to the public. Of course the CIA’s twisted belief about the so-called ‘importance’ of this mission led them to believe that such sacrifice was necessary in light of the accomplishments they could achieve. 

The CIAs inspector general at the time (1957) said so himself when he claimed “ [that] the CIA [couldn’t] possibly explain dosing unassuming Americans with LSD…the knowledge that the agency is engaging in unethical and illicit activities would have serious repercussions in political and diplomatic circles and would be detrimental to the accomplishment of its mission”. 

It’s only a matter of time before the CIA turns on American citizens completely… and who knows what will come when they do. 

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4 Thoughts to “CIA: Why They Can’t Be Trusted”

  1. porterv

    Organizations like the CIA and the FBI are incompatible with a free people.

  2. Donald

    Oswald was a PAWN!!!

  3. Billy

    If the CIA is found operating in the USA all of the Agents should be tried for Treason.

  4. Ellis E Reno II

    The CIA was involved in everything that was wrong in the Vietnam War and our government
    reps know it And still they run wild with no legal controls or repercussions! Why is that since we are supposed to be a Nation of laws and governed as such?
    Why are we being sold out?

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