Christmas Becomes More Expensive Because of Biden’s Inflation

Another repercussion of Joe Biden’s policies is the unavoidable spike in inflation. To no one’s surprise, it’s ruining the upcoming holiday season. 

Now everything is more expensive at the checkout counter thanks to Biden’s decisions. 

The holiday shopping experience will be greatly affected by the recent price surge.

Inflation Hits Holiday Season

To combat inflation during the holiday season… toy companies have released lines of smaller items priced at $10 or less. Such toy companies include:

  • MGA Entertainment
  • WowWee
  • Sky Castle Toys

MGA Entertainment CEO Isaac Larian shared his thoughts on Fox News about the issue. He said, “We saw that the consumers have less money to spend with gas prices over $7 per gallon. We decided that we have to bring toys that are less than $10 so that they can buy them for their Christmas gifts.” 

He added, “That’s where we believed the consumer would go. That’s where we made our bet, and it’s paying off. They’re sure going to buy toys. Hopefully, they will buy MGA toys because they are priced right for them to afford.”

The toys include miniature Bratz dolls, Small Little Tikes, and LOL Sweet Minis… made by partnerships with companies like Hershey’s and Pez.

Moreover, due to high inflation rates, Americans expect to spend 5% less on Christmas this year. According to Fox News, the average person is expected to spend $832 on “core holiday items,” down from $879 last year.

Despite the drop in spending on Christmas… overall holiday spending is still expected to increase by 6-8%. The reason for the current decline in Christmas spending is the costs of household items. Not to mention food and electricity. 

Wages need to increase more to keep up with inflation. All this means is people are having a tough time making ends meet.

Biden Said There are Glitches with the Inflation Reduction Act

Biden defended the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). He is saying there may be “glitches” in the legislation, that’s why inflation still goes up… but overall, it is a good law.

“Look, the United States makes no apology, and I make no apology, since I wrote it, for the legislation you’re talking about,” Biden said in response to a reporter’s question about the complaints. 

He added, “But there are occasions when you write a massive piece of legislation. That has almost $368 billion for the largest investment in climate change in all of history. So there’s going to be glitches in it.” 

French President Emmanuel Macron has complained that subsidies meant to incentivize semiconductor production for electric vehicles. Moreover, this has put European industries at an unfair disadvantage. 

Other top European officials have called the green energy policies “discriminatory.” They warned that public opinion is turning against America. Europeans are squeezed by high inflation and energy scarcity caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

White House officials have insisted that the Inflation Reduction Act is not undermining Biden’s promise to Europe that “America is back” as a reliable ally.

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