Karine Jean-Pierre Lies for Joe and Hunter Biden

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is nothing but a liar. She’s constantly trying to cover up for the dems’ unethical acts. 

This is something that conservatives can’t stand for. We need a press secretary who tells the truth, not someone who lies to protect her party’s diluted image.

Jean-Pierre Lies About Joe Biden Visiting the Border

Karine Jean-Pierre was called a liar after claiming Biden had visited the border… even if everyone knows he never did.

A reporter from Fox News brought up the subject during the White House press briefing. He asked Jean-Pierre if Biden would answer House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s invitation to visit the southern border with him.

“We know the president’s never been down to the border. The possible next speaker says he wants [Biden] to go with him. So, is he going to?” The reporter asked.

“He’s been there. He’s been to the border. And since he took office…” Jean-Pierre said.

Despite Fox News asking when exactly Biden visited the border… Jean-Pierre ignored the question. Afterward, she attacked Republicans for their unwillingness to work with the president. 

Several Twitter conservatives exposed the truth about Biden’s performance at the border. In reality, the demo-rat never visited the border since he became president…

“Narrator: President Biden has not been to the border,” Rep. Dan Crenshaw tweeted.

“Categorically false. He has never stopped at the southern border in his entire career,” Rep. Andy Biggs wrote.

Jean-Pierre didn’t get away from the critics’ eyes as well. She was caught red-handed lying for Biden…

National Review contributor Pradheep Shanker commented, “She gets caught in lies daily. It’s amazing.”

Former California Senate candidate James Bradley tweeted, “Karine Jean-Pierre FACT CHECK: Joe Biden has NOT been to the southern border HE OPENED since he has been president.”

Biden has not gone to the border because he can’t deal with the consequences of his actions. And when confronted with reality, he won’t be able to handle it. 

Jean-Pierre Covers for Hunter Biden’s Laptop

Earlier this month, Jean-Pierre dismissed Elon Musk’s release of Hunter Biden’s laptop story as a “distraction.” 

A Fox News reporter asked Jean-Pierre whether the WH believed Twitter’s decision was made appropriately in light of what has come out. 

“We see this as an interesting coincidence, if I may, that [Musk] would so haphazardly … push this distraction (Hunter Biden’s laptop) that is full of old news if you think about it,” Jean-Pierre said. 

She added, “And at the same time, Twitter is facing very real and very serious questions about the rising volume of anger, hate, and antisemitism on their platform and how they’re letting it happen.” 

Jean-Pierre is trying too hard to cover for his party’s incompetence and misdeeds. We can read her like an open book…

So right now, anything that points to the corruption of this administration is called a “distraction.” While if Republicans are accused of anything, the media calls it a “threat to democracy.” Fortunately, we are paying attention.

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