Mainstream Media Tired of Hiding the Truth Behind Hunter Biden’s Laptop

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Hunter Biden is one of the most twisted dems who always uses his family name for his gain. After everything he did, the liberal still manages to get away clean. We’ve seen him:

One of the biggest controversies Hunter Biden is currently involved in is his laptop from hell. It contains numerous accounts of criminal activity that the mainstream media failed to disclose to us until now.

Even White House secretary Jen Psaki had to pretend that she had Covid so she won’t get pressed with difficult questions about the laptop.

President Trump exposed Hunter Biden’s laptop last year. He said, “The laptop from hell… there’s more criminal activity on that laptop than Al Capone [would have] had if he had a laptop. He was a baby compared to what I was able to see.”

The laptop first surfaced at a Delaware computer shop. It revealed shocking photos of Hunter Biden’s apparent drug abuse… and emails showing his shady business dealings with various characters, including some tied to China. 

However, the mainstream media immediately declared it as “Russian misinformation.” Hunter Biden can thank his family name for avoiding severe punishment with relative ease…

But last month, The New York Times and The Washington Post finally reported about  Hunter Biden’s laptop… after a year and a half.

Former New York Mayor Rudy Guiliani is one of our patriots who first exposed Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell. He shared his thoughts on Newsmax… especially now that the mainstream media admitted that the laptop story was legitimate.

Guiliani feels vindicated, but he also thinks it’s a little too late… since the delay helped Biden win the presidential elections. He said, “I feel vindicated, but I don’t feel very good about it. It’s a little too late. This determined a presidential election. The people who did it should be prosecuted for conspiracy to defraud the American people.”

He also believes that there is a lot of strong evidence that can be used to expose Hunter Biden. Guiliani added, “There are about 20 different pieces of evidence that show financial benefits going directly to Joe Biden. It’s a very powerful piece of evidence.”

Jack Maxey is a whistleblower who handed Hunter Biden’s laptop to the Congress and the media. He revealed he had uncovered another 450 gigabytes of material that hadn’t been deleted. He says he has uncovered 80,000 new images and videos and 120,000 emails.

But Maxey admitted that he fears for his life and has fled to Switzerland to work with IT professionals to continue digging through the laptop. During an interview this April, he said, “ I fear that my efforts will get interfered within the United States. I also had experts here that I could rely on that I’ve worked within the past. My friends were telling me that I was really putting my life at risk.”

Maxey tried to upload Hunter Biden’s files online, but it didn’t go out as planned. He believes that the US intelligence took down files he put online. Maxey added, “I believe that the US intelligence services took it down. That means they knew very well was on the laptop.”

If something happens to Maxey or his important work, we will know the socialist forces of evil in this country are worried that the truth will come out. All of this should be with the public, and we have the right to know everything.

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