Covid-19 Shots Coverage to Shift From Government to Individuals and Insurance companies

The government has provided Covid-19 vaccines throughout the pandemic. Now, they’re planning to stop funding the shots they started… while transferring the burden to insurance companies and individuals.

Many people are still skeptical about getting the vaccine. Some people believe that the government is hiding information about the dangers of the virus. 

The dems have done too much to abuse our rights with their Covid regulations. They say it’s for our safety, but it’s hard to believe them. It’s obvious that they only want to stay in control.

The left has been restrictive with its regulations… and it’s infringing on our rights as Americans. This has to stop. We must take our country back and demand our voices be heard.

The Government Won’t Pay Covid Shots Anymore?

Throughout the pandemic, the government has provided Americans with Covid-19 vaccines. However, the government has decided to stop paying for the shots. Instead, they will shift the responsibility to individuals and insurance companies.

Assistant Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services Dawn O’Connell shared his thoughts on the matter. He said, “We’ve known at some point we’d need to move over into the commercial market… and we’re approaching that time now. We don’t want to do it by fiat.”

Moreover, Executive Vice President for health policy at the Kaiser Family Foundation, Larry Levitt, believes that the move would raise insurance premiums paid by customers. He said on WSJ, “Without the government purchasing vaccine doses in advance… the US may fall behind other countries in getting quick access to boosters… as well as new variant-specific vaccines.”

On the other hand, the newest unintended consequence will be that fewer people, including children… will get experimental drugs and boosters. It will also make our children safer, at the very least.

US Plots to Move Covid Shots to Commercial Market in 2023

The US government plans to commercialize Covid shots a year from now. Experts believe this move will bring new challenges with “reimbursement, equitable access to vaccines and treatment, and distribution.”

O’Connell announced in a statement that the distribution would start next year. He said, “We have always intended to transition this work to the commercial market. We have been planning for that transition for some time now. Unfortunately, the timeline to make the transition has accelerated over the past six months… without additional funds from Congress to support this work.”

He added, “As we look to 2023, we are prepared to shift to the US commercial market for Covid boosters… where the market will be more fragmented than it was during the pandemic… where the US government was the sole purchaser of vaccines.”

There’s a big chance that the Biden administration failed to budget their funds. Despite that, they still want to push through with putting those vaccines into our bodies by commercializing the shots.

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