COVID Vaccine is Costing Students MILLIONS

If there is one thing Universities are good at, it’s finding a way to squeeze as much money out of their students as possible.

COVID gave them the perfect excuse to do just that. As the vaccine became more widely available and things started going back to normal, many schools saw the perfect opportunity to make more money from the students who choose not to receive the vaccine. 

Rhodes College is one of many schools that is imposing a fee ($1,500 a semester) on all students who wish to return to campus this fall without being vaccinated.  

They’re calling it a “health & safety fee”, claiming that this charge is meant to cover the mandatory testing that will be required for unvaccinated students.

This is just another way for universities to segregate and alienate students who have chosen not the receive the vaccine, and it doesn’t stop at absurd fees.  

All vaccinated students will return to virtually normal school life; they won’t be required to do weekly testing, nor will they be required to wear masks or social distance.

However, students who have opted out of the vaccine will be subjected to quarantines, weekly COVID testing, and all the restrictions that follow.  

Like many other schools, Rhodes is planning to require that all employees and students get vaccinated once it’s FDA approved if they want to work at or attend the school. 

In the meantime, they plan to collect as much money as possible from students who just don’t have it.

Charging a fee like this forces the students to make a choice they should not have to make…

Campus Reform Correspondent Dietwin Smolie spoke out about Rhodes College’s plans, calling them out for forcing a tough choice on these students.

“Taking a vaccine is a personal decision and the fact that people my age are way less likely to contract serious cases of COVID, let alone be hospitalized and die from it. So there’s no need to impose vaccine mandates on young people, especially when the alternative imposes a hefty amount of money that most college students, let’s be real, don’t have access to.”

In addition to charging unvaccinated students money, the college is also planning to implement restrictions on them in the situation of rising cases.

A policy stated in their student life newsletter stated, “Depending on campus positivity rates, non-vaccinated students may not be permitted to participate in certain campus events and activities including athletics, clubs, and intramurals, and student organizations.”

Once again, we see a case of our rights being violated and our ability to make our own decisions about our lives being taken from us.

When will this stop?

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4 Thoughts to “COVID Vaccine is Costing Students MILLIONS”

  1. Mikeyg819

    This nonsense needs to stop. Americans have rights and the Biden administration is taking all our rights and our constitution and throwing them away. We all must stand up for ourselves and each other. If we give in then they win. And that will just lead to more and more rights taken away. So as unfair as this is we have to be strong and stick with what we believe in, and not be swayed by pressure and demands. The demonrats are going to mess up really bad and they are going to fall hard. And when we get them out of office our country will get to return to normal and we will get a chance to heal. The leftists will soon regret what they have been doing to our country. I believe that if it weren’t for the amount of money that’s lining so many pockets, this entire situation would have been behind us before it had the chance to start. When enough people are truly feeling the pressure, we will see a real war on our soil between the American people and the leftists plans and tricks and pressure will end.

  2. roland voisine

    I’d have to scratch that school of my list of potential choices.

  3. Donald

    Considering the facts that the mRNA Covid vaccines do not stop the spread of Covid, their incredibly horrid adverse reactions including 19’s of thousands of deaths, 100’s of thousands of long term disabilities, miscarriages, sterilization of young men and more, demanding that students take the vaccine is a criminal attempt to endanger the life and health of students. Colleges are supposed to be institutions of learning and as such should be up on the current knowledge about the adverse reactions to the mRNA vaccines. Students abd parents need to ban together in class action suite against these colleges that put the students in danger.

  4. Wyatt Earp

    It best not to attend any school that pushing the vaccine. Like Rand Paul said NOBODY is telling us about the side effects! When there are thousands if not million dropping DEAD AFTER GETTING THE VACCINE! File a lawsuit against the school. This is SLAVERY to keep you from learning! And it FAR LEFT IDEA OF SOCIALISM!

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