Dog Adoption and Sales Soared During the COVID 19 Pandemic

Since COVID 19 spread throughout the country last year, Americans have been looking to find comfort in pets… especially dogs. More people started adopting animals because of the loneliness caused by the pandemic, and quarantine rules.

Instead of going out and interacting at work with human colleagues… people were forced to stay home while fighting their loneliness, and man’s best friend became the perfect solution.

People wanted companionship and security during the quarantine period… especially when they are unable to have contact with people. Some stores began breeding “pandemic puppies” for this purpose.

More dogs are finding homes. Fewer ones got left behind at shelters. Vets are working non-stop. Sales for products like dog diapers, dog leashes, and pet toys skyrocketed. The dog economy is booming right now.

Executive Director of the Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association Pam Runquist agrees that the dog industry is doing great. “There were more people adopting puppies… and so there were more people doing house-training. I think also, in places like New York City… people were not wanting to go outside and were utilizing those methods.”

Then he added, “Vets are very busy right now. [People] may have noticed their animal is scratching or losing fur, or not exactly feeling right.”

Senior Vice President of Crum & Forster Pet Insurance Bob Capobianco has also seen an increase in business over the past year.

“During the pandemic, people appear to be adopting more pets. Likewise, we have seen an uptick in sales. In general, the pet health insurance industry is a growing sector. According to data from the North American Pet Health Insurance Association… pet health insurance has been increasing at an average annual growth rate… of 23.4 percent over the past five years.”

COVID 19 has made it difficult for people to visit family and friends. As a result, people are staying inside more than usual. People are still terrified of getting sick, and that has led to a culture of social isolation. 

Many are worried about potential exposure to the virus. So they’re keeping their distance from everyone. They find comfort in adopting a pet because it’s an easy solution to loneliness. 

A dog’s unconditional love also helps alleviate feelings of being left out. Not only that but pets have been found to reduce stress and improve mental health.

One woman who decided to get her first dog said that she was spending so much time alone in quarantine… and she wanted the company of another living thing. She also mentioned that getting a dog gave her comfort when she was feeling down.

Dogs can give companionship and a sense of purpose… and people need that during this pandemic. Just make sure you’re ready for the responsibility of adopting one.

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