Harris Plays The Victim to Win Dem Favor

Harris is now losing the dem’s trust.. and it’s all thanks to her terrible performance as vice president of our country. Even her own hypocrisy has made her own kind turn against her.

Yes, she is expected to be Biden’s heir. But many dems also doubt her ability to defeat President Trump or our other Patriot leaders.

The dems think that Harris is “unelectable,” and they don’t see her doing a great job of leading our country. 

  • They hate her fake laughter
  • They’re not impressed with her inability to succeed with her tasks… from immigration to vaccination
  • Harris defends the cruel “three-strikes law” which imposes life sentences for a third “strike” that was considered a minor felony

How can anyone like this be considered as a potential candidate for leadership in America?

On the other hand, our patriots also don’t trust Harris because she wasted $25 million in federal funds to implement liberal voting restrictions. She could have instead spent that money on the real problems our country is facing such as the border crisis, getting rid of the filibusters, and helping black communities.

Harris wasn’t branded as “the most unpopular vice president in 20 years” by the UK broadsheet Daily Telegraph for nothing…

Her fakery is what turns people off. Now both the Republicans and the dems hate  Harris…

She’s getting a lot of bad press lately. While some may blame the media for Harris’ terrible publicity, it’s in fact Harris who is the root of the problem here. 

Axios did a great job in exposing her true colors to the public. In their report, a group of dem’s most influential women met for a “dinner at home.” They strategized on how they can defend Harris and her chief of staff from the press.

They made their “meeting” look like they were just old friends… getting together for the first time since the pandemic. The guests who were there were Harris’ confidant, two former DNC officials, a Biden adviser, two former Clinton spokeswoman, and an Obama White House communications director.

They were making it look like they’re celebrating… when in fact the dinner had an urgent purpose.

These dem women discussed how they could leverage Harris’ past record in the government to silence all her critics. They also felt that there were “sexist overtones” to Harris’ press coverages.

Now Harris uses “sexism” to make her look like the victim here…

Former Trump White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany doesn’t believe in Harris using “sexism” as an excuse. He said in an interview in Fox News, “Sexism is the new straw man argument being used by team Kamala to cover for her poor performance as vice president. From a massive, unresolved border crisis to failing to shepherd voting legislation through Congress, Kamala has failed at the tasks she’s been given.”

Harris is crossing the line here. This just proves that she is now desperate to win the dem’s approval… and she’s willing to use any means to keep the truth of her incompetence as a leader from coming out.

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11 Thoughts to “Harris Plays The Victim to Win Dem Favor”

  1. Ally

    She flat backed her way to the top.

    Lack of experience shows.

    1. cozycalico

      “””willing to use any means to keep the truth of her incompetence as a leader from coming out.

      She is not very good at hiding her incompetent. It shows all over the place.

  2. Vince

    ‘Doofus’ hired ‘a DOOFUS’ for ‘2nd-in-Command’.

  3. Somebody

    We COULD start going after Kamala’s husband and his firm. Inundate them with phone calls, emails, tweets, letters and whatever else you can think of. Get her where it hurts the most!

  4. Loyd

    K. Harris is just like Joe Biden no heart, no brains. We look forward to getting rid of these pests. Neither one has any morals or careing ans brains necessary to lead. They have all their lifes led from the rear.

  5. Don

    Instead of working for the American people, this piece of communistic MANURE is working against the American people like Biden the Butcher, Pelosi, Schumer, Waters and so many more of the Anti-American demo-sh*t in congress, Those democrats that still stand up for America and voted against the dictator Biden the BUTCHER I thank you, the rest of them are communistic TRAITORS/TERRORISTS against this Nation and should be Arrested, tried for there crimes of HIGH TREASON, and like that of 1776 they should be taken out and HANGED today.

    Yes, this includes all the traitors like Biden the Butcher, Harris the communist, and the Nazi SS demos in congress!

  6. bob

    Snake Harris is a victim . While she’s hiding in the basement of the White House , she’s unable to earn any money while working the back alleys on her knees in D.C. !!!

  7. Roze

    Harris “Heels in the AIR or Knee Pad”x shat it takes to FAKE her feelings Harris is as Dementia ridden as Pretending President Beijing Joseph Russell O’Biden !!

  8. soso

    Just more proof how much the dummiecrats think the American people are stupid! While they tell there lies and the media backs them they think we believe all there BULLSH*T. Hey dummiecrats we’re smarter then you think!!! Oops sorry I forgot they don’t think!!!

  9. william

    the ho should stick to what she knows best browns concubine and othes. on her knees.she is abrasicie insulting and eager to do the put down to anyone near and dear to her……..she is not too smart which seems to be a trait in her race. not quick on the uptake so to speak and as a result she does not have the abilities to gather together and put into action all she needs to do to do a job and also she is lazy wlhy should she do it when she has an ond trailer trashed senile man to blame for everything. dream along my dear may you always have it so lucky in your lifetime……..PERIOD AS SAID BY OBAMA

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