The US Stock Market Could Crash Soon…

Biden has set the inflation time bomb with his trillion-dollar policies and agenda.

Wall Street economists predict a significant burst of inflation… and it’s all thanks to his irrational actions with federal funds.

The US stock market is also expected to crash if Biden’s massive spending budget passes.

The mainstream media tells us that Biden is “saving the economy.” But in reality, the Biden Administration are the ones ruining it.

CEO of Forbes Media Steve Forbes is against the way the mainstream media builds Biden up as a savior of the economy. He said, “Never before in American history in the absence of a major war have we seen a budget like Biden’s. If that budget were to pass, stocks will crash and the economy will suffer.”

The cost of Biden’s infrastructure projects alone is projected to push federal spending to its highest sustained levels since World War II. And that reason is enough to believe that the stock market is also in danger under Biden’s rule.

Just like during the 1970s under Jimmy Carter… America will see prices rise, the value of the dollar eviscerated, and economic growth coming to a grinding halt.

The mainstream media may say that the stock market is in good condition so far under Biden’s rule. But real experts say otherwise…

Lindsey Bell, chief investment strategist at Ally Invest mentioned that investors may see a downward trend in stock prices around August to September… and it also contradicts the mainstream media’s statement of the stocks being fine under Biden. 

She said, “There are some question marks. I think we’re going to get that volatility that’s historically expected in the month of August and into September. I think the remainder of the third quarter could be a little bit rocky.”

American Finance Analyst Mark Hulbert also shared another unbiased opinion about the US stock market. He’s an expert with a proven track record in the finance industry. His forecasts say that there will be a decline of “10% or more” for the leading US stock indexes… and we can expect the decline to begin around August.

All these statements from the experts are enough to tell that the media only knows one opinion; That Biden is doing a great job for our economy… and the stock market is favoring him during his term.

Yes, no one can predict the stock market and other companies may be doing well for now. But with Biden’s irrational spending plan, there’s still a BIG chance for our country to experience a historical crash.

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    Biden and the Democrat party are leading us ON a path of destruction. I just hope we can survive until they are resoundly defeated and removed from our governing bodies.

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