How the GOP will Take Charge of the Energy Crisis

As the dems begin to push their radical green agenda… Republicans are preparing to fight back.

Biden and his allies want to overhaul the way America uses energy drastically. Meanwhile, our patriots aren’t going just to sit back and let them do it.

Republicans to Battle Biden’s Radical Green Agenda

House Republicans are preparing to pursue an aggressive plan to fight Biden’s climate agenda through legislation and investigations over administration policymaking… when they assume majority control early next year.

The Republicans said they would aim to: 

  • Unleash American energy
  • Hold China accountable
  • Secure the domestic critical mineral supply chain

Rep. Cathy McMorris of the Energy and Commerce Committee told Fox News Digital that reversing the damage of Biden’s energy crisis is a priority for 2023.

She said, “Right out of the gates in 2023, E&C Republicans will be leading to reverse the damage of President Biden’s energy crisis with solutions that unleash America’s vast energy abundance and lower carbon emissions.”

McMorris also emphasized that America must “lead in reducing  in reducing emissions” without:

The patriot leader added, “Republicans on Energy and Commerce will continue to lead on real, workable solutions to make energy cleaner, reduce emissions, prioritize energy security, and keep energy costs low.”

Another top Republican, Rep. Bruce Westerman, wants to end Biden’s energy crisis. He is set to chair the Natural Resources Committee.

Westerman also expected to push back against the Biden administration’s climate agenda… with oversight hearings and comprehensive legislation.

Rebekah Hoshiko, a spokesperson for Westerman, talked on his behalf. 

She told Fox News Digital, “We’ve laid a strong foundation for our Commitment to America this Congress. We’ll be building on those principles starting day one in January. For our committee, that begins with robust oversight. That’s been sorely lacking under the current Democrat majority.” 

Hoshiko added, “If we’re in the majority, Republicans will be conducting hearings and questioning agency officials… in order to understand how American taxpayer dollars are being spent fully.”

The spokesperson also mentioned that they would “advance comprehensive legislation” that:

  • Unlocks American energy
  • Reduces dependence on China and Russia
  • Puts the US as a global leader in affordable and sustainable energy production

How Republicans Plan to Manage Energy

If Republicans take back the House or Senate in the next election, energy issues will be a top priority. The GOP plans to pass pro-energy legislation. However, turning these bills into law will take more work with Biden in office.

Investigations and oversight of the Biden administration will be conducted by the House Oversight and Reform Committee. This would be possible if Republicans gain control of the House. 

Republicans also plan to focus on climate-related actions and restrictions on oil leasing. Energy production is a crucial goal for our patriots. They also plan to support other forms of energy, including: 

  • Renewables
  • Nuclear power
  • Hydrogen energy

Now it’s clear that our patriot leaders are the ones who genuinely care about our energy and not the dems in power…

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