Lybian Slave Trade: “Obama to Blame”

Dems love to pretend they’re the “good guys”…

And then get their mainstream media allies to cover up the facts that prove their lies. 

Here’s the history the liberal media will NEVER tell you… the full story about how Obama and the dems brought slavery back to Lybia:

In 2011, the Obama administration launched a brutal attack against Muammar Gaddafi, Libya’s ruling dictator. According to the dems, this operation was meant to prevent “the massacre of innocent civilians” – instead it quickly became one of the most vicious crimes the world has ever seen.

Obama’s head was clouded by ulterior motives to “spread democracy” across the world. He deluded himself to believe that invading Libya and taking out their ruler would actually pave the way for an ’American-style’ democracy in the country. 

Of course, this was nothing but a democratic pipe dream fueled by poor decision-making skills and no implemented strategy to address the aftermath… sound familiar? 

To put it simply, Obama failed to consider the future of Libya after he chose to tear it apart, nor did he prevent the self-proclaimed “massacre of innocent civilians” he convinced himself he could achieve.  

Just like President Trump’s always said, the Obama administration’s inability to execute a decisive and well-conceived plan played a major hand in the development of extremist groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda.

Just like in Syria, Obama’s cataclysmic intervention pushed Libya into a long disastrous civil war; factions broke apart, and outside countries also entered the destructive conflict. While the mainstream media pretended it was a step in the right direction to aid and develop another country, it quickly turned into a massive stain on the American reputation, all thanks to Obama.  

President Trump saw this disaster as an opportunity for the American government to learn an important lesson, so he began cleaning up the horrific mess Obama left behind. Trump understood that a merciless ruler was sometimes necessary for the development of a country (and our national security), and that Libya was actually “worse off” without Gaddafi at the top of the chain. 

Even if Gaddafi was seen as a ruthless dictator, he still allowed his people freedom and protection against slavery. Sad to say, Gaddafi’s protection against human trafficking died at the hands of the Obama Administration, who failed to have any foresight on the turmoil his decision would cause Libyan citizens. 

Those who hoped to find relief and protection with Gaddafi gone were tricked into lives of servitude – causing a huge resurgence of slave trade in Libya. 

This was a major human rights violation the Obama administration failed to see coming… and refused to fix. As thousands living in Libya were exploited, some were even sold at auction for as little as $200. Obama’s poorly excecuted coup only brought slavery, poverty, and civil war back to Libya.

President Trump’s “America first” approach to running the country might’ve been dismissed by the mainstream media critics as an act of isolationism and ignorance, but the results show just how false that claim is.

While the dems caused chaos and slavery, President Trump handled situations in a more responsible manner, avoiding the idiotic mistakes of Obama. 

Trump’s unique approach has taught us that we must not involve ourselves in the affairs of other countries for no good reason. War has only continued to rage on in Libya, and the chaos won’t stay confined to Libya forever… We’re still going to see the aftereffects of Obama’s terrible mistakes into the future.

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17 Thoughts to “Lybian Slave Trade: “Obama to Blame””

  1. Blanca Holland

    Why do they try to bury the truth: because the truth will set many free from tyranny in the disquise of democracy embrace democrat-socialist party.

  2. Ellsa

    Obama &biden are doing to the US what he did in Lybia. The biggest coup in the history of the world. We must impeach biden/obama from power! The world wants our country and obama/&biden are willing to sell ALL into slavery.

  3. Veronica & Richard Reimann

    I read an article about a African man who escaped one of the cotton plantation in Egypt. He said Africans & other are sold on the slave markets there today. So in many cases the Africans are still selling their people into slavery. The story this man was he had gone north looking for work But was kidnapped & sold to a slave auction in Libya then he was sold to an owner of a cotton plantation. Does it sound familiar to you . It is the History of the slave trade in the USA all over again

  4. jboo7

    The reasons for the attack on Libya were not at all what NYT, WaPo, CNN, etc told us – but: Who would be surprised about that? Ghaddafi was a danger for Obama’s/Biden’s friends, the oil sheiks and “kings”, especially with the ‘Arab Spring’ waking the people there to get rid of their despots: Ghaddafi had created the best SOCIAL SOCIETY in Libya, using the Oil Money for: A. constitutional right to a home; B. free electric to heat and cool, and cook with it; C. dirt cheap fuel; D. free medical care for all; E. free education, incl. university for all; F. USD 60,000 dowry for each marriage (of man and woman); USD5,000 foe each child.
    I don’t know many Americans who would want to destroy such a government with the highest living standard on the continent. And for the Arab nations, Ghaddafi’s system (which, actually, included a grass roots democracy based on village/tribal councils. which woul be known and acceptable to people in Africa and Arabia. But that, exactly, was the great “Danger” – a danger for Sheiks and oil corporations, and Obama/Biden.
    And that’s why “GHADDAFI HAD TO DIE!”

  5. Russell Jenkins

    Of course Obama brought back slavery. His family is ripe in the tradition of enslaving people. Especially black people. His Stanley side owned the mist slaves in all Kansas. His father’s side in Kenya captured rival tribes for the slave trade. It is in his evil blood

  6. E.G. Hammond

    As Secretary of State under Obama, Hillary Clinton was also blatantly involved in the death of Gaddafi! She even bragged and laughed hysterically about, like it was some big joke as she said “We came, we saw, he died” which was the entire point of why we were there to begin with! She and Obama had Gaddafi murdered, for no real reason other than to let the war in the Middle East continue for the military industrial complex to become wealthier, for which they probably received bribe money! Clintons never do anything for free, or out of the goodness of their cold, calculating, corrupt and VERY greedy hearts! Just like so many other democrats actually, especially Pelosi!!!! That is why the witch won’t retire from the House. She hasn’t finished robbing the American public yet, even though she is worth about 200 million dollars already! Once the greed starts, I guess it never really stops, or takes a break! She just closed a great insider trading deal with Microsoft after learning that they had just scored a US government contract for millions! She is such a predictable POS!

  7. S.N.A.F.U

    People need to wake up & realize slavery didnt start with the white man. . . It all started thousands of years ago when the black man decided to war with his own neighbor’s then they decided to start enslaving them for profit & status . . . Just take a close look at Liberia our government bought the territory from Africa with taxpayers $$$ so the freed slaves would have their own country that was a democratic safe haven & free from opression & slavery to return to Africa if they wanted too! But for the majority of black men don’t want to work for a honest living or even freedom they only want to scheme & destroy his fellow man & conquer them for profit!
    Muslims destroy everything they touch & populate just look at Paris France now its a slum!

    If you even doubt me i dare you to Google where did slavery start but look past the LIBERAL websites & go to Wikipedia for the unbiased information because here lately the liberal media & even Google is trying to bury the real truth!!!
    I think that paying reparations to slaves should be done but not by taxpayer’s expense!
    99.9% of taxpayers didnt own slaves & another reason the black slaves was never used to build American infrastructure such as railroads, bridges, tunnels & roads to benefit the average taxpayers!

    it should be payed for by the Democratic companies that profited from the use of slaves!
    Like Lipton Tea Co. & all the cotton plantations & denim tobacco & industry’s that profited and used their wealth
    Expand into other areas such as Media & Chemical !

    The only slaves used for infastructure was the Chinese & they don’t go around blaming others for their misfortunes they know it was their own kind that enslaved them & yes their still doing it today just like they black man but atleast their honorable about it they don’t cry for reparations & deny it was their own kind !
    Now i honestly believe the American taxpayer owes the Chinese Slaves compensation for their contributions of bettering the American society for the good of all!

    Also the freed slaves that fought in the Civil War for the Union was already compensated with free land grants & the Democratic south forced their slaves to fight!

    If we foolishly payed out reparations to all black slave decendants to would more than double our national debt
    bankrupting this country !

    The democrats have been trying for over 150 yrs to destroy the constitution & American way just to bring back slavery . . .
    It took the Republican party & a white Republican President & all that fought & died to end slavery & it only took a Democratic black Musslim President with a pen to legalize slavery for the continuity of government under the guise of E.O. 13603

    WTF ! People wake the F☆☆k Up ! ! !

    1. Terry

      I tell people if it weren’t for their ancestors selling them into slavery they’d be back in Africa hunting for food, living in a grass hut. Reparations is a horrible idea, we did not cause the slavery in the world.

    2. Dina Boyd

      Excellent! Thank you

      1. Dina Boyd

        Thank you, that was excellent.

  8. Den

    That makes more sense. The DEMS are DIVKS

  9. Old wolf

    Figures … Obama white side has slaves back in the days , so why not be involved in the slave trade now . Guess that’s how he made his millions . He didn’t earn then being president that’s for sure . Guess that’s why his wife said America is now a Muslim country . They want slavery here in the use again . There’s the sex trade , and guessing Obama involved in that to .

  10. Fortunate

    Barry Soeterro alias Barack Hussein Obama should have not only been Impeached , but today been indicted , he neglected American Seniors & all the American disabled in the USA while not a single soul in /city & State government nor the media did a single thing about it . This man needs to be barred out of City & State government forever.

  11. John Adams

    Obama would love us to believe his BS but there is and always has been far to much for a rational person to swallow.We see his Poisonous Politics Eating The Heart Out Of America Like A Cancer.Obama, Biden, Clinton Triad Of Evil.Self Deluded Megalamaniacs

  12. Charles Wade

    obama is calling the shots for the biden admen. danger , distraction . and a lotm of death of our troops.

  13. Charles Wade

    obama calling all the shots for biden’s admen. distraction war and death of our troops . kerry also deals in slaving , obama’ right hand man.

  14. Brooke

    Wikileaks has been taken over by the Left, so we can no longer even expect to find truthful information now but information tainted by a liberal viewpoint, which is mostly false..

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