More Gun Bans to Attack Our Second Amendment Rights

The democrats continue to implement gun bans to destroy the Republican culture. This is a clear attack on our way of life, and we must fight back. 

The liberals have used the recent shooting incidents to push gun ban legislation. This is something that angers many of our patriots.

We cannot let them take away our firearms and our freedom. We will stand up and fight for our rights.

New York Limits Concealed Carry

The 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals has allowed New York to continue enforcing its new gun law. It limits firearms to be carried in public… considering a lower court ruling that would block key provisions.

The decision from the appeals court came after a federal district judge in Syracuse declared portions of the law unconstitutional. Moreover, they placed a temporary hold on them.

State officials have appealed the order and are awaiting a decision from a three-judge panel. Specifically on whether to uphold or overturn the lower court’s ruling.

In the meantime, several new licensing rules for carrying handguns in public are on hold. This includes one that made applicants turn over information about their social media accounts.

Clearly, this entire law is unconstitutional. The dems don’t seem to understand that morality cannot be legislated.

Biden Pushes for More Gun Ban

The liberal president is pushing a weapon ban after a 15-year-old in Raleigh, North Carolina, is accused of killing five people.

The teenage suspect was taken into custody about three hours after he was allegedly “contained” inside a nearby home…

Biden spoke to further promote gun ban legislation in response to the recent shooting incident. The demo-rat said, “We’ve grieved and prayed with too many families. [Those] who have had to bear the terrible burden of these mass shootings. Too many families have had spouses, parents, and children taken from them forever. This year, and even in just the five months since Buffalo and Uvalde. There are too many mass shootings across America… including ones that don’t even make the national news.”

He added, “For the lives we’ve lost and the lives we can save, I took historic action to stop gun violence in our nation. This includes signing the most significant gun safety law in nearly 30 years. But we must do more.”

Then the demo-rat said that he would implement more weapon bans. Biden said, “We must pass an assault weapons ban. The people support this common sense action to get weapons of war off our streets. House Democrats have already passed it. The Senate should do the same. Send it to my desk, and I’ll sign it.”

Since when can a 15-year-old “legally” possess a firearm? How about acting on the current firearm control laws… before creating new laws that impact only law-abiding citizens?

Biden should be calling for family culture and discipline control.  The gun is not the problem. If the administration wants to save lives, they should ban the demo-rat instead.

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