President Trump Exonerated in Court

Surprising no one, dems completely failed in their latest attack on Trump…

With the senate finding him completely not guilty as the impeachment trial came to a close.

While we already knew the trial would be pointless, the reality was even more embarrassing than anyone thought.

You already knew that the impeachment trial against Donald Trump was pointless… 

A complete waste of time that was just about making the dems look good to their followers.

It turns out they can’t even manage that.

After demanding that the pointless trial be disrupted to call witnesses, then wasting more time with a vote on calling those witnesses…

The dems immediately turned tail, deciding not to call any witnesses whatsoever.

And when one of Biden’s top men, Delaware senator Chris Coons, tried to explain the U-turn, the embarrassment got even worse.

According to various insiders, one of Coons’ biggest concerns was the fact that calling witnesses would have caused a problem…

“People want to get home for Valentine’s Day”.

Not only is that a slap in the face to the millions of average Americans who didn’t even get to see their family over Christmas, yet alone spend time with their loved ones over Valentine’s Day…

It’s an outright confession that the dems weren’t serious about the trial in the first place.

Let me put it this way. 

If you were serious about trying to get someone convicted of some big, important charges, wouldn’t you be willing to give up Valentine’s Day to make that happen, rather than just backing down the second that you got the chance?

So by immediately making that U-turn, the dems made it clear just how little they cared about everything they’ve been doing across the last few weeks.

Of course, the dems think that their personal time is worth more than that of average Americans.

That not spending a Valentine’s Day with their family is somehow more important than anything that’s been pushed to the side for the waste-of-time impeachment trial.

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