Revealed: How Jeff Bezos Corrupted the Media

What happens when one of the world’s richest men decides to start buying the media?

It means they start doing exactly what he tells them.

Here’s how Jeff Bezos took over some of America’s biggest papers – just to make himself look better.

When Amazon multi-billionaire Jeff Bezos bought the ultra-liberal Washington Post back in 2013, it was already obvious that the purchase was all about his ego…

Here’s just a few quotes from the most brown-nosing piece I’ve read this year:

“Some of his private investments, such as his deal for The Post, are marked even more by a fascination with pursuing lofty goals requiring extremes of perseverance”

“Bezos can often come across as gregarious and intensely focused”

Despite how embarrassingly obvious their praise for Bezos was, the Washington Post claimed he wouldn’t have any kind of control over what they wrote…

Another obvious lie. 

8 years on, it’s clear just what Bezos wanted… constant praise from the mainstream media, a way to shield himself from any kind of criticism.

Just look at what happened when President Trump took the fight to Bezos.

Even the biggest liberal on earth couldn’t deny that Trump was 100% correct about Bezos.

Like Trump’s said, Bezos’ companies barely pay taxes, destroying “fully tax-paying retailers” across America. They’re taking unfair advantage of American institutions like the USPS, cutting their costs by exploiting loopholes. 

And yet, Bezos’ pet media outlet, and the rest of their mainstream allies, didn’t even bother to consider for a second whether Trump was right to criticize Bezos…

They just said he was jealous. 

Here’s how the Washington Post characterized President Trump’s comments on Bezos: 

“Amazon’s founder remains mute, his company declining to publicly engage a president with a different prism on reality… [some say Trump’s criticism] stems from Trump’s lifelong rivalry with billionaires who surpass him on lists of the planet’s richest people”.

It’s embarrassing to see the mainstream media pretending that Bezos’ purchase has nothing to do with how they talk about him, when they’re completely ignoring reality just to defend his actions.

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  1. Jacqueline

    Joe Biden is a false president he rig the election he’s evil belongs in an old folks home Trump will always be my president. I pray every day for our country to get back our freedoms we have a constitution we need to Talk
    back with our words against the rhinos and the Democrats by only American boycott all social media boycott or Amazon sports and everybody else that wants to silence our freedom of religion freedom of free speech freedom in our constitutional rights.

  2. Colleen

    If you think Biden is bad, just think of a Harris/Pelosi administration. The devil you know or the devil you don’t.

    Harris said ‘under the Harris administration’ and the reporter asked her a follow up question and she just smiled.

  3. Phyllis Welch

    Republicans need to step up now. If Harris and crazy Nancy gets in white house Russia and China will take over the media as it is needs dismantling they have destroyed our country. One man has monopoly on the media.

  4. Bruce

    As Califonia AG Harris refused to prosecute Catholic priests for sexual assault on children because church layers contributed large amounts of $ to her not to. She accepted the bribes and completed the quid pro quo. Explains why she doesn’t care about the kids at the border. She’s heartless.

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