Revealed: The Clinton/ Epstein Tapes

Will the Clinton Family stop at nothing to cover their dark, dirty secrets? 

During the 2016 Presidential election, a scandalous connection between the candidates and Jeffrey Epstein caused major political uproar that resulted in an unwarranted, unfair backlash on President Trump, while the media just ignored the Clintons’ wrongdoings.   

Here’s the real facts behind the sex tapes of Bill Clinton, and how his affiliation with Jeffrey Epstein was completely ignored to protect Hillary’s feeble campaign.  

By now, everyone has heard of the Jeffrey Epstein scandal. Countless children trafficked to become prey for the rich and powerful…  

And right by his side was his partner in crime Ghislaine Maxwell, who aided him in procuring underage victims for his sex ring. 

The British Socialite and daughter of a press baron was incarcerated over a year ago due to the allegations against her for sex trafficking and her involvement with Epstein, who was rumoured to be collecting political blackmail against the major figureheads who would visit his private “island”.  

During the 2016 presidential election, the liberal media obsessed over every move Donald Trump made, bringing wild allegations to the surface… while completely ignoring the far more sinister actions of the Clintons.

Yet again it seems the mainstream media only cared about dragging Trump’s name through the mud, ignoring the true facts once again… 

In an effort to dig up dirt about President Trump, former CBS producer Ira Rosen set up a meeting with Maxwell, hoping to reveal secret tapes of Trump’s association with Epstein. 

Unsurprisingly, much more was revealed than Rosen hoped, including the existence of additional tapes involving Bill Clinton.  

The Dems are never as innocent as they claim to be…

But of course we know now that whenever the Clinton’s are involved the mainstream media is quick to make excuses and cover tracks.

It seems that Rosen did not seem to care about the tapes accusing Bill Clinton and only sought to smear Trump… but Maxwell was not planning to reveal anything else. Conveniently… she claimed she didn’t know the whereabouts of such tapes.

Sources say that Maxwell refused to help Rosen find the tapes because it would have hurt Hillary Clinton’s campaign for presidency, a campaign we know was destined to fail from the very start.  

But the existence of these tapes was enough to spark controversy and debate in the media, which seems to be exactly what Rosen wanted in the end. 

Despite sources coming out and claiming to have seen Bill Clinton on planes and Yachts with Epstein, the Clinton administration was quick to deny such information and turn themselves into victims yet again. And it seems the mainstream media has no problem turning their heads elsewhere…

Are the Clintons not above working with serious offenders to keep their illicit actions and wrongdoings underwraps for the chance at a little bit of political power? Of course not… it’s all about the power, whatever it takes. 

All they’ve had to do in the past to avoid countless allegations was merely deny claims and point petty fingers. 

It seems like the Clinton’s are well-versed in victimization, and have taken full control over mainstream media so that they can save their reputations whenever a bad story comes out. 

You would think they’d admit their mistakes and correct them by now, getting out of politics forever… But the Clinton family will always be known for their seedy and selfish behavior.

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10 Thoughts to “Revealed: The Clinton/ Epstein Tapes”

  1. Richard Mulno

    What did you uncover- Where is the meat on the bone! come on, this is as bad as fake news. you either have something to report, or you don’t. Get a bigger shovel and uncover the the story.

    1. joan dinnel

      did you watch bushes funeral. clintons, bushes, obamas etc all sat together and when they opened their funeral flyer a note fell out of them. you can see hilllary mouth “they know everything” trumps were in this group but didn’t get the note. I heard that they all were involved with epstein for their own pleasure then buried the girls and Hillary knows where they are buried. i would like some one to look into this to see if its true or not you can still search bushes funerl and see for your self about the the notes they all got except the trumps.

      1. Eleanor Cummings

        Carter didn’t get one and looked puzzled as to why everyone else got a mystery envelope and he was left out. I didn’t botice anyone ”sharing” their’s with him, did you?

  2. Gerry

    Get serious –How far are the clintons willing to go — look at the body count of close associates, including Epstein, that had something on the clintons. If there is anyone out there who still thinks Epstein’s death was a suicide — I’ve got a 20 bedroom mansion in the middle of the Everglades to sell you !!!!

    1. Nellie

      Not just the body count for the Clinton. How about the body count from the open borders where the Drug cartels gangs are using human to carry drugs and then killing them or they are sold into human beings and prostitution.
      What part of the human trafficking and drugs does the Democrats get paid for?
      Biden is not running our country. Obama, Soros said Harris.
      God Bless America

  3. Clarence E Williams

    The Clintons have always been dirty and corrupt.

  4. NancyJ

    It seems that Hillary’s little trips to Epstein’s island will go unremarked upon. Hmmm.

  5. Billy

    He’s caught can not lie his way out of this, along with his tratorious wife both should be charged with treason but Pelosi will never let that happen to a Democrat look how she covers for Waters, AOC just a bunch of crooks time for jail!

  6. Tom

    Remember Clinton went to England to avoid being drafted? Eventually returned to the US and was pardoned. Thusly he was the only pardoned felon to be president.

  7. Dan

    The behavior of the Clintons, Pelosi, and several others in the Democratic hierarchy and press is deplorable. From the crooked land deals in Arkansas to Hillary’s treasonous actions as Secretary of State, and the obvious coverups, all of them should be spending life in prison without the chance of parole. What amazes me is not only that they haven’t been prosecuted, but that people who still believe their lies no matter what the evidence. The.number. of “key witnesses” that have “disappeared ” or died at convenient times to protect them is appalling. Let the justice fall where it should, with the real terrorists, before they destroy our country and the freedom we SHOULD be protecting.
    I respect all people and races, not just the ones I find politically advantageous. To do anything less is or should be criminal and the perpetrators treated as such.

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