What Real Americans Think About Ohio

It’s a situation NO officer ever wants to be in… a single second where the only choice is life or death.

That’s exactly what happened just days ago, when an Ohio officer had just seconds to make the most important decision of his life…

Yesterday, we asked you what real Americans thought about the shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant… because there’s no way the mainstream media will give you the full story. 

Here’s what you said:

It’s never like the movies. Choosing whether or not to shoot isn’t a decision any officer takes lightly. 

That’s especially true nowadays, with the mainstream media refusing to tell the truth, and body cam footage out there for every armchair commentator on CNN to say ‘I wouldn’t have done that’ – without any idea what it’s really like on the streets.

It’s different for real Americans, people who’ve actually lived life outside of a news studio… Who know the world isn’t as comfortable as the mainstream media likes to pretend. 

That’s why we wanted to know what you thought about the shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant… because the mainstream media just refuses to talk about what real Americans believe.

Yesterday, we asked you a simple question:

Do you feel the Ohio officer was forced to take the life of 16 year old, black youth Ma’Khia Bryant?

Here’s what you said:

Just under 80% of people agreed that the officer had no other choice but to shoot, while 20% said they felt the officer could have done something else to prevent the tragedy.

The results are still coming in – head over to our poll page for the latest updates!

While people overwhelmingly agreed that the officer did the only thing he could, many were convinced that there was another option…

And yet, the mainstream media refuses to talk about how Americans truly feel… refuses to acknowledge that real Americans are still backing the blue… and pretends that every conservative feels the exact same way about everything…

It’s time to demand that the mainstream media stop lying about people like you…don’t let them control the story!

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27 Thoughts to “What Real Americans Think About Ohio”

  1. James P Daffron

    Hunter should be in jail!

  2. Sandy Harlow

    If u break the law the law has a duty to react. If u don’t back down the law has a duty to react.

  3. Eugene Foster

    The officer was right in what he had to do . With the knife . She was getting ready to kill another person. Any law abiding person should have done the same thing.

    1. ward

      This dead criminal created her own demise & on spot justice was served legally ! The blm & scapegoats for black crimes is proof thugs want to violate U.S. Laws & no cops !

  4. george

    What could the officer have done to stop the other girl from being stabbed and probably killed?
    No suggestions have been made regarding another alternative.

    1. Dina Boyd

      I voted the officer was right but I wonder if she was shot in the knee if that would work. It is a small target & could of ending up shooting the person fixing to be stabbed & killed?

    2. ward

      There is no alternative when a criminal thug violates U.S. laws without own control !

  5. Gerry Coughlan


    1. ward

      Any doubt biden & dem leaders are wannabe dictators under bo’s marxist control in a NWO with other terrorist totalitarian dictator, genocide thugs destroying Freedom !

  6. oldgrandma

    Guess none of the black people have noticed that 99.99% of the black people getting short are the ones that are criminals, thugs or just like the 16 yr old girl are threatening and trying to cause harm to others, white or block. These officers try to do the best thing for the community at the time and of course they always get the backlash for trying to help others. What would happen if all the police ignored these situations all together? What would have been the out come? This one more than likely this 16 yr old would have stabbed the other girl. IT TAKES A GREAT COMMITMENT TO THE COUNTRY TO BE A POLICEMAN DURING THESE TIMES OF CHAOS AND RIOTING, BURNING, PROTESTS AND FILEING OF SUITS WHEN THEY ARE TRYING TO DO THEIR JOBS.

  7. Br'Er rabbit


    Who called 911 for assistance?

    Why did they call 911 ?

  8. James Hutchins

    The police officer did his job by killing that thug female.

    1. ward

      All Police officers do their job to protect U.S. Citizens & killing crime thugs is justice !

  9. Gerry

    “Could have done something else ” — let me see — have a cup of coffee and think about it, toss a coin and call heads or tails,watch and see how it ends before reacting — people are just as ignorant and stupid as the voters who voted for the pedophile and the tramp. Law enforcement has seconds to do what they are trained for NOT minutes or hours and 99.9% of the time they make the RIGHT decision. Sounds like this officer had no choice but to do what he did.

    1. ward

      Also another thug defying a cops order violating the 1st law of order ! They riot to justify their criminal whims & resist arrest then die of drug problems shot or not ! More on spot justice needs to be served to permanently stops crimes of violence !

  10. Tabby

    The officer made the right decision. A decision nobody wants to make to be forced to take another life but that girl was going to stab someone w/o regard for the victims life. God only knows how many people she has hurt or WOULD have in the future. My prayers are for MaKiah’ s family. It’s devastating and unimaginable to lose a child or sibling. Some people say the officer could have done something else but those decisions are made in a split second and there wasnt time to stop her any other way. He had a second B4 she would have been stabbed. As for all those people who think there was some other way to stop her iIN TIME wouldn’t be singing that tume if it was one of their family members or friends being attacked

  11. John Galt

    Any of the other options might have left an innocent girl dead? Could the police take a chance?

  12. hattie avery

    you did the right thing


    Until you walk in that officers shoes you don’t know. He did the only thing he could to save the girl in pink or be stabbed himself. the ones that think he had another choice well remember that when someone comes after you and the cop just stands there and lets it happen. then what will you have to complain about. the police are under so much pressure and people don’t appreciate that they are putting their lives on the line for them.
    All you do gooders out their. should send that police officer a thank you note for saving the girl in pink. and for taking knife wielding crazy person off the street never know it could have been you.

  14. JoeyP

    He did the RIGHT thing . . . His JOB is to PROTECT the Public from the CRIMINAL element by WHATEVER means necessary – EVEN DEADLY force, like shown HERE. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  15. Dee

    The officer had to stop her, but I don’t know if it was necessary for so many shots. Just wondering why that father standing in front of the garage didn’t bother to try and stop that girl.

  16. Luis

    All my life the rule of law has always been Paramount to the safety of the American 🇺🇸 public!
    The notion the the left thinks that the pd only targets The African American public is ludicrous!
    They(the left) insinuate this, this is the weaponized race division they have created, not backed by facts.

  17. KenH

    The only option the officer had was to fire on the knife-wielding girl to save the life of another. Bryant’s foster father has been identified as the man in blue, kicking the girl Bryant had just been wrestling with in the head, as Bryant went on to attack the girl in pink. Something very wrong there. I’ve learned from this story that teenage girls always carry knives. Even Obama advisor Valerie Jerrett said it was normal for girls to engage in knife fights. I didn’t know that was the norm. I guess if Bryant lived with a family where she had access to a large knife, and her foster father thought it was okay to kick a teenage girl in the head, anything’s possible. As for knife fights, it isn’t a knife fight if only one person has a knife. The only weapon the girl in pink had was a small dog in her arms. Obviously she was ready to rumble.

    Bryant had major problems, and her foster family didn’t help her. One teenage girl is alive today because the officer took action.

  18. Eli 7777

    The officer did what he had to, but I’m wondering if, maybe, they ought to start carrying tranqulizer guns. I wonder if they would be effective.

  19. Eli 7777

    While you’re moderating, may I say it again with proper spelling. Perhaps officers should carry tranquilizer guns.

    1. James Tapscott

      My question is this. Tranquilizer gun: how much time does a dart take to immobilize? When a policeman gets out of his vehicle, as in this situation, does he have time to “select” a weapon for an unfolding situation? Another question, why do 100% of our police CARRY A GUN? More police are hurt or killed when responding to domestic violence calls. When is there a “safe call”?

  20. francine martin

    i think that if any of these moronic blm or antifa would actually go thru the training and the education that law enforcement goes thru they might, just might, have their eyes open….but no – they just want to take over everything with no morals, no basis for how to actually improve anything, and certainly one of the most egregarious of all, nor respect towards life and property….they need to be arrested and charged and imprisoned…keep them in jail like what has been done to january 6th supposed insurrectionists

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