Russia Continues to Overspend Funds in Ukraine War

Some believe Russia is winning against Ukraine, but they may be wrong about it. In reality, Russia is exhausting its resources, and they’re overspending.

The war with Ukraine is depleting Russia of large sums of money, and they may be unable to keep up the spending. It will be a big blow if Russia continues to ignore its limitations.

Yes, Russia is assertive. We’ve seen how they relentlessly attacked Eastern and Southern Ukraine. But they must be careful about how much they’re spending. Otherwise, they could end up in a lot of debt.

The country has been spending on its military campaign in Ukraine. They may not show it, but there’s a chance that their money is quickly drying up. If Russia doesn’t want to end up broke, it needs to make some changes fast. If the country doesn’t get its spending under control, it could go bankrupt.

The situation can be an advantage of by Ukraine and the NATO alliance. Only time will tell if Russia’s actions will make or break them.

Russia Continues to Overspend

The UK’s Ministry of Defense believes that Moscow’s recent effort to seize the northern part of Ukraine was a “costly failure.” 

The Ministry of Defense wrote, “Russia’s assault into northern Ukraine ended in a costly failure. Russia failed to implement its principles of war. With the limited combat readiness of many units, it spread its forces too thinly. [There was not] enough support from artillery and combat aircraft.”

Russia may be a powerhouse, but its resources will always have limitations…

Moreover, Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy thinks that there’s a chance for Russia to become bankrupt. He said, “The occupiers still do not want to admit that they are in a dead-end. Their so-called ‘special operation’ has already gone bankrupt. The moment will come when Ukraine will force the invaders to recognize reality.”

Russia Fines Google $373 Million

This July, a Russian court fined Alphabet’s Google $373 million… due to a repeated failure to remove content that Moscow deems illegal. 

Moscow’s State communications regulator, Roskomnadzor, said that Alphabet’s Youtube spread lies about the war in Ukraine. Moreover, the platform allowed content promoting extremists. Roskomnadzor mentioned that Youtube called for children to take part in unauthorized protests.

Roskomnadzor said, “YouTube promotes the dissemination of misleading information. [Specifically] about the progress of the special military operation in Ukraine. [This discredits] the armed forces of the Russian Federation.”

Russia has been objecting to tech platforms’ content distribution for a long time. But, the dispute has recently erupted into a full-on battle. The company’s Russian bank account has been seized. This makes the business very difficult to pay its employees and clients.

Google has the right to appeal the ruling. However, they are not yet responding to the situation. If the company fights back, Russia would have to stretch its budget further…

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