The Biden Affect – America Welcomes the Highest Inflation Rates in 13 years

Internet reacts to brutal new economic data: “not what the white house wants to see”

Recent economic data has been released that shows U.S. Inflation has the highest rate its ever been in 13 years… 

Naturally, everyone is blaming Biden, and for good measure.

This information was provided by the Washington Post Economic correspondent Heather Long, who also tweeted the data with a breakdown of the percentage change in [Consumer Price Index] for all urban consumers. 

People responded on Twitter in droves, bashing Biden and his administration for all the terrible decisions they’ve made so far. 

His approval rating is plummeting at a rapid rate; dropping to 38% off a new national poll from Quinnipiac University. And when it comes to the press, Biden does what he always does and turns his back on them as soon as they start asking the questions that matter. 

Inflation rates are at their highest in 13 years under a liberal administration that doesn’t care about your financial well-being or the future prospects for growth in America.

So you can say goodbye to cheap groceries; overall grocery prices climbed across the board, with food prices jumping 0.9% in September. 

Americans are angry about it, but that’s no surprise – this isn’t the end of rising prices, and Biden doesn’t seem to care. It isn’t just a problem for now, either – people should expect prices to keep rising until we can get rid of these liberal policies that have been put into place by the Biden Administration.

And let’s not forget to talk about Biden’s self-proclaimed “Build Back Better” agenda, which is controversial on its own and caused many to wonder if the dems already predicted that rising inflation would happen in tandem with their plans. 

The people are seeing right through him, and calling out the dems for abusing their power to push an un-idealistic, progressive agenda with no care for the American people.

If so, then clearly the Biden administration does not care about the economy or the people like he says he does…

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5 Thoughts to “The Biden Affect – America Welcomes the Highest Inflation Rates in 13 years”

  1. John Galt

    Let’s go Brandon.

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  3. Michael Phillips

    The answer to the question is will biden build back better is not paid for joe biden is not building back better joe biden is destroying are usa and if the people that believe that biden is building back better is lying to them self’s and the people that voted for biden is as evel as joe is it’s over biden wins joe has destroyed are USA only thing to do now is wait for the return of are lord JESUS and pray for giving of are sins

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