White House Harasses International Travelers with their New Rules

White House coronavirus response coordinator Jeff Zients announced that they’re developing a “new system for international travel.” This includes robust mitigation procedures like “contact tracing.”

Contact tracing aims to reach people who spent more than 15 minutes with an infected person. This procedure requires them to be quarantined for two weeks even if they test negative. However, only cities and states have reported its success. 

This “new system for international travel” isn’t about the virus anymore. These twisted dems want to let everyone know that they are in control of all Americans…

Zients mentioned that their “new system” includes “contact tracing data” to passengers traveling into the US. They think that this will enable the CDC to contact travelers if they get exposed to COVID-19.

The pretentious dem said, “The American people need to trust that the new system for international travel is safer even as we – I mean at that point – we’ll be letting in more travelers. We are exploring considering vaccination requirements for foreign nationals traveling to the United States.”

Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo also agreed with Zients. She said, “We want to move to a metrics-based system. Before we can do that, we have to get a better handle on the domestic situation, which requires us to get everyone vaccinated.”

As expected, these liberals are always close-minded. No wonder President Trump prevented “contact tracing” in the airlines last year. He already knew that this practice wouldn’t be any help at all…

Medical experts shared their thoughts on why contact tracing won’t be necessary.

Dr. David Lakey is the former state health commissioner of Texas who oversees Ebola in Dallas. Even he thinks that contact tracing is a terrible idea. “Contact tracing is the wrong tool for the wrong job at the wrong time. Back when you had 10 cases here in Texas, it might have been useful. But if you don’t have rapid testing… it will be complicated in a disease with 40 percent of people asymptomatic. It is hard to see the benefit of it right now.” said Lakey.

We also have Dr. Thomas Frieden – a former director of the CDC – who is a strong advocate for robust contact tracing programs. He also thinks that it’s impossible to do meaningful contact tracing in many cases. 

He said, “At some point when your cases are very high, you have to dial back your testing and contact tracing. We may be in that situation in some parts of the country today.”

Deputy Secretary for Public Health for Maryland Fran Phillips thinks contact tracing might work… if implemented during the early stages of COVID-19. However, using it today will be a futile effort. 

She said, “The challenge is that we are not dealing with ones and twos. It’s a race against time. And if we have lost days and days of the infectious period… because we didn’t get a lab result back, that diminishes our ability to do contact tracing. We are getting some assurances from national manufacturers that this lag is short-term. I am not confident.”

Our medical experts – with their decades of experience – do make more sense. Pretentious dems like Zients and Raimondo are only making another irrational decision. They need to be replaced…

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2 Thoughts to “White House Harasses International Travelers with their New Rules”

  1. Mary J Nelson

    With Joe in office it is terrible that he is 3rd worst after Pelosi and Harris.

  2. Donald

    I guess the contact tracing procedures for foriegn travelers will have to include the criminal foriegn nationals who are “travelers” through our southern border. Of course not as such rules are meant to control honest citizens and not criminal foriegn nationals. At this point their are so many people in government guilty of sedition as they work to change our form of government!

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