The White House Appointed the Wrong Press Secretary AGAIN

The new White House Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, is still doing a terrible job. She’s been a complete disaster. Everyone knows she lacks any competence or capability to handle the press. The only thing Jean-Pierre is good at is spinning the President’s lies. She’s no different than her predecessor, Nancy Pelosi.

Many people are surprised that she was given the job. We remember Jean-Pierre blabbering about being the “first black, gay and immigrant woman” to hold the title. We’ve proven that being “competent” is much more needed than “being first.”

Her appointment was simply an act of political cronyism at best. The administration’s hiring of incompetent people with no qualifications will only continue… as long as the dems are in charge. 

Here’s what’s happening with Jean-Pierre so far…

Failing to Answer Questions on Biden’s Last Covid-19 Test

A few weeks ago, Jean-Pierre sparred with the press over questions on Biden’s Covid-19 testing schedule. She said, “It’s a regular cadence. That’s what we do. We will share, per CDC, when he was a close contact, and he has not been a close contact. If he were a close contact, we would let you know.”

When a Fox News reporter pressed Jean-Pierre about an exact date, she declined to answer. The demo-rat said, “I’m not saying that.”

Instead, she only mentioned that Biden gets tested weekly. She added, “What we normally do is he gets tested weekly. That’s been his cadence in coordination with his doctor. There have been times when he’s tested more than that because we’ve traveled.”

Then Jean-Pierre said they would let everyone know if ever Biden’s tests go wrong. She said, “We would be transparent about that.” However, we all know that they will only find ways to keep us from the truth if this happens.

Unable to Address Gas Issues

Jean-Pierre made another wrong turn where she was later on mocked on social media. The WH Press Secretary struggled to provide a coherent answer on how Biden will address the gas prices. To everyone’s surprise, she accidentally said Biden would “elevate” America’s pain. 

The demo-rat made a verbal error that citizens may find painfully funny. She said, “The president has been very clear in making sure that he does everything that he can to elevate… to alleviate the pain American families feel when it comes to gas prices.”

Commentators immediately picked up and roasted Jean-Pierre for her mistake.

Blaming Putin’s War for Inflation

The WH Press Secretary also never hesitated to play the blame game. Jean-Pierre also pointed out that Russian President Vladimir Putin is the reason for the US inflation.

Jean-Pierre said on The View, “What we’re seeing with gas prices and inflation is connected to Russia’s war.”

Then she added, “The president has been working for the past several months. [He’s] doing everything that he can to give relief. We have to remember how we got here. Putin’s tax hike has caused gas prices to go up to $2 per gallon.”

It’s not surprising that Jean-Pierre continues to make more mistakes. She is helping to turn America into a disappointment. We all know that she was never capable, to begin with.

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