US Boycotts the ‘Genocide’ Olympics

The Olympic games are normally a time for Americans to show their patriotism while cheering for their favorite athletes. 

Unfortunately, the upcoming Winter Olympic games are being dragged down by the atrocities committed by China against the Uyghur people, while Biden and the dems refuse to take a stand.  

The 2022 Winter Olympics are being hosted in Beijing, China. Across the last few months, the Chinese government’s shameful human rights abuses have come under fire from Republicans, particularly as the Winter Olympics approach.

The US state department is calling the upcoming games the ‘Genocide Olympics’, and it’s clear why they deserve that title… 

Human rights groups are calling out China’s villainy, saying that a country that still uses forced labor, internment camps, and flat out abuses the Uyghur people, shouldn’t be allowed the prestige of hosting the Olympics, especially for the second time.

House Republicans are leading the charge for a diplomatic boycott of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, and they are urging American citizens to take part.  

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) proposed both an economic and diplomatic boycott; urging Americans not to attend in person to reduce the revenue Beijing would make from tourism. 

Rep. Mike Waltz (R-FLA) also spoke out about this problem urging people to consider the major ethical concerns of Beijing hosting the games, saying that American athletes “cannot in good conscience” celebrate an event that is hosted by “a brutal dictatorship”.

“Think about what we’ve gone through in the last year as a country – what it is doing […] to our families in terms of the coronavirus… it’s indisputable at this point that the Chinese Communist Party covered [the virus up].” 

We should not allow a country whose government so blatantly violates human rights to host the Olympics; it would be a direct violation of our own values and beliefs.  

If China is allowed to host the Olympics as usual, then the countries that participate might as well say they are willing to accept the Chinese government’s atrocities against the Uyghurs…

Jacques deLisle, an expert on Chinese law and politics at the University of Pennsylvania, brings up a good point regarding the dilemma for most countries that support democracy and human rights: “If you believe in these values, which the US and many other countries do, you can’t ignore [China’s human rights record] and treat it like it’s nothing … on the other hand, we are not in a position — absent really catastrophic costs — to do a whole lot about it”.

It’s pretty clear that the corruption of the Chinese Government is a major concern not just for America but other countries that are considering a diplomatic boycott.

And if a mass genocide is not concern enough for Americans to stop what their doing and protest then it seems like nothing will stop China from abusing the Olympic Games as another propaganda tool to save face. 

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11 Thoughts to “US Boycotts the ‘Genocide’ Olympics”

  1. Richard Dunn

    Nothing should be held in China until China stops the human rights abuse they are doing and admits the Covid – 19 came from China

    Same as with Iran NO NUCLEAR TALKS until they stop funding terrorism & more sanctions



  3. David Hancock

    No international events should happen until China admits their human rights abuses and they intentionally introduced the coronavirus to the world. China needs to be made to repay the world for all the suffering they inflicted on the rest of the world.

  4. boone1

    China Joe is in the front pockets of the CCP and won’t get his millions if the government boy cots the Winter Olympic games. And it’s too bad we can’t send the democrats and there voters to live in China.

  5. LE PELTIER Philippe

    Sure! Boycott of he Olympic games in China is a must. Athletes wherever they are from… Should stay home. China’s criminal politics should be punished for!

  6. Deborah Parr

    Beiing Olymics were never mentioned and not a part of my repertoire. It might has well not happen and it is a thing of the past, must be referring to Toyko.

  7. ulisesvelez

    the olimpics games are non politics. but also anti-genocide.

  8. Catherine De Vere-Burt

    Well done the US for taking a stance against oppressive China, by Boycotting the Olympic games. Athletes wherever they are from… Should stay home. China’s criminal politics should be punished and any LEADER who spends his countries MONEY to build GHOST TOWNS EQUAL TO 27 NT’s to IMPRESS the rest of the world CREATING OVER 18 TRILLION should be removed from office immediately. What a selfie!!

  9. Michael Thomas

    #unacceptableviews, #commies, #prisoncolony, #censors, #fakenews, #bigtechsucks, #bigtechiscommunists

  10. Pat Dyer

    I have watched the Olympics on television for as long as I have lived … with family and friends alike. This year I will be tuning it out. A country that has caused so much harm not only to its own citizens but to the entire world should not be enriched. China’s Socialism and uncaring attitude to World Health via their gift of the Chinese Corona Virus will “DAMN THEM 4-EVER” !!!

  11. bob

    Anyone who watches , let alone attends the China Olympics should get a beatdown and knocked into next week !!!! Even by just watching it , you are promoting it , because all the advertisers are making money !! BOTCOTT it completely !!!

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