White House Wastes Trillions of Dollars

The White House approved the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill this November. After hours of internal delay and debates among lawmakers… They finally passed the bill that Biden has been campaigning for his whole presidency.

This disastrous bill is the most expensive transportation spending package in US history… and will likely destroy the economy even further.

“On this vote, the ‘Yeas’ are 228, and the ‘Nays’ are 206. The motion is adopted,” said the House representative. The dems cheered and applauded on the floor as the bill was passed. However, this isn’t worth celebrating because this shows that there are many lawmakers seated in power… who are stupid enough to support Biden’s irrational programs.

According to Congressional reporter Savannah Behrmann, the bill focuses largely on the following public transit measures. 

  • It would put $39 billion towards repairing and upgrading transit systems
  • It would pump $66 billion into Amtrak for passenger and freight rail
  • It would also invest $7.5 billion for charging stations for electric vehicles and 
  • It would allot $7.5 billion for electric buses
  • It would use $55 billion to upgrade water systems to replace the country’s service pipes
  • It would spend $65 billion on expanding broadband internet access

Biden has other plans in store besides transportation infrastructure. He also wants to fund new programs that support green energy technologies. 

The demo-rat said, “We will get America off the sidelines on manufacturing solar panels, wind farms, batteries, and electric vehicles to grow these supply chains, reward companies for paying good wages… and for sourcing their materials from here in the United States.”

He might be saying things that sound nice, fair wages, and sourced in America… But the truth is he’s just putting our country’s finances to ruin…

President Trump was disappointed by the Republicans who voted for this unnecessary bill. He made a statement in a press release through his Save America PAC.

“Very sad that the RINOs in the House and Senate gave Biden and Democrats a victory on the ‘Non-Infrastructure’ bill… where only 11% of the money being wasted goes to real infrastructure,” Trump wrote.

Then he added, “How about all of those Republican Senators that voted… thinking that helping the Democrats is such a wonderful thing to do. They just don’t get it! Now they’ll go for the big kill… getting their second $1.9 Trillion bill (really $5 Trillion) approved. Again with RINO support. All Republicans who voted for Democrat longevity should be ashamed of themselves, in particular Mitch McConnell… for granting a two-month stay which allowed the Democrats time to work things out at our country’s, and the Republican Party’s expense!”

Our country’s real president sees the bigger picture, unlike Biden. He knows that there were several RINOs in cahoots with the dems… and that this is just the beginning of an enormous expense bill from the administration.
There’s no doubt that Biden’s spending plan can ruin our economy and lead to inflation. People need to wake up to the liberal’s schemes…

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One Thought to “White House Wastes Trillions of Dollars”

  1. linda harrison

    Does anyone really believe this money is going to be used for anything good for the people of this free country HELL NO they are going to take this money and use it for their build back better plan and does anyone know what that really means??? It means they have plans to take this country to its knees like Hitler did and by the way the build back better phase is right out of Hitler’s playbook and they are doing what Hitler did by taking away our fuel,food,guns and freedoms. So who ever voted these ass holes into office SHAME ON YOU AND YOU CAN FOLLOW THEM STRAIGHT TO HELL BECAUSE THAT IS WHERE WE ARE GOING TO SEND THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let the revolution begin and they thought Rittenhouse was a vigilante well the real vigilantes are about to come from every corner of this country. They are trying to use the Bible for their evil purposes and twisting to their pleasure but these luciferians need to read Revelations the devil and his minions loose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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