Why California Hates Joe Biden

If you looked at the vote count in California, you’d probably think that the state loves Joe Biden, with the Dem nominee picking up about 64% of the vote.


That’s not the full story, though. Take a look back to 2016, and you’ll see what I mean. Between the two elections, President Trump gained over a MILLION extra votes in the traditional dem stronghold.




There’s one real reason – even California democrats HATE Biden!


Look back at the dem primary. Despite the establishment covering for his constant failures, Biden couldn’t take home the win there.


He barely even took second place, losing to Sanders in the single most important part of the primary.


It wasn’t until a certain someone convinced most of the candidates to drop out that Biden even had a chance of becoming the dem nominee, cheating his way to the top spot. 


Once the election came round, dems fell in line with the party, but they were NOT happy about Biden taking the nomination.


And when they see how he governs, they’re going to hate him even more. 


Biden’s barely able to form a thought, he simply does not care about the average American – and he’s fine with his family making shady deals with foreign powers. 


Sound familiar? Maybe if you’ve watched CNN in the last 4 years.


Once they realize that Biden is exactly the kind of man the mainstream media has accused President Trump of being, expect PANIC across the state.


Maybe they’ll just ignore it – Kamala Harris certainly has. 


She’s turned her back on the convictions she claimed during the debates, happy to stand by the side of a man she KNOWS supported segregation until it became inconvenient for him.


Maybe that’s just how the dems expect the next 4 years to go. They might think their voters are going to turn a blind eye to everything Biden does wrong.


They might think voters are just going to be fine voting for a man who doesn’t even have a plan to help the millions forced out of work.


Take it from me, they’re wrong.


It’s going to be exactly the same as 2016, when dems decided that Americans were going to just keep on voting for them after 8 years of Obama-led chaos. 


They were convinced that we were just going to march in to vote for Hillary. So convinced that they barely even bothered running in half the country.


Did they learn anything from their historic defeat in 2016? No! 


They just decided that it must all have been because of Russia. That voters didn’t have the brains to decide for themselves. And now they think everything’s going to keep going their way.


Look forward to seeing how shocked the mid-terms leave them!

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  1. C J Madden

    Biden is a disgusting puke. Wouldn’t vote for that charlatan if he was the only person on the ballot.

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