Why Silicon Valley Wants to Crown a President

While recounts start across the country, big tech thinks they know better than you. They’ve already made their decision about the election, and it’s a lot scarier than you might expect.


They’re not just claiming that Joe Biden is president… They’re taking it one step further, and they won’t stop there.


Just yesterday, on Veterans Day, if you asked Siri how old the president was, you’d get a horrific answer: Silicon Valley thinks that Kamala Harris is president. Don’t believe me? Just look below… 



They weren’t the only ones to jump on the bandwagon, rewriting reality to set their agenda. Here’s Facebook’s answer to that very same question:



Does Silicon Valley know something that you don’t? In a way, they do! Just think about it.


We all know that Biden won’t actually be running things. He’s barely able to form a sentence – even the Dems know he can’t be trusted to run the country. He knows it! He says he’ll be stepping down in 2024. He’s barely going to be there in the first place.


In other words, if the Dems take power, the Biden Crime Family is just going to be there to profit illegally from shady deals with Ukraine, China, and more… exactly what they accused President Trump’s family of doing. 


After all, that’s really all they can do. You should have heard about Hunter Biden’s corrupt work over in Ukraine – but big tech killed the story, preventing anyone even sharing the piece.


That’s what the future is going to look like. Unaccountable elites in Silicon Valley setting the agenda, deciding what they’re going to let you believe. And they’re going to keep on pretending that you’re the one in the wrong. 


So, with Biden just there for the money, what’s really going on? The answer is exactly what we saw at the start.


The real power behind the curtain is going to be Kamala Harris. Does that scare you? 


It should. We know Kamala isn’t a trustworthy person. Remember back in the debates when she talked about Biden’s shameful history of supporting segregation? She obviously doesn’t! She’s already gone back on her words, selling everything she claims to believe so she can grasp at power.


What’s Kamala’s America going to look like? 


Maybe Biden himself puts it best – America looks set for a ‘very dark winter’… 


You can be sure she’s not going to back down on her worst policies, while turning her back on any chance to do things right. Expect an unprecedented assault on your right to bear arms, riots running wild in the streets, and a complete refusal to help ordinary Americans like YOU.

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3 Thoughts to “Why Silicon Valley Wants to Crown a President”

  1. Jack Speese

    I am afraid that this is true. All we can do is pray that the system still works, that there are enough checks and balances still in place to prevent this very thing from happening.

  2. James Strong

    Hell no we need our patriots history be it right or wrong it happened and nobody alive today owed slaves.

  3. June roberts

    Why are some Americans so stupid to not understand what this latest Dem regime offers we law abiding Americans…Nothing but heart ache! Read your History particularily Biden’s. President Trump is the people’s President…please God keep him active in some way even if the Dems take the Wzh..the Dems are not good for America

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