Youtube Censorship Going Too Far?

YouTube logo / Rego Korosi / Flickr / April 1, 2010 / CC BY-SA 2.0

The conservative party has always had problems with Big Tech. These companies take advantage of their power to censor our patriot’s opinions, making us look like the bad guys while hiding all the liberals’ accidents.

We’ve seen several Big Tech companies ban President Trump:

  • Facebook suspends him until 2023
  • Twitter gave him a permanent suspension
  • Alphabet Inc’s Youtube suspended his channel last January 2021

Not long ago, Republican Senator Marco Rubio called out Youtube for silencing conservatives. He wrote to Youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki and shared his concerns. 

He stated, “I write to you regarding a concerning series of actions by YouTube to censor or otherwise restrict the speech of its users, particularly ones of religiously or politically conservative backgrounds. A combination of high-profile moderating actions has recently made headlines and raised questions over a pattern of apparent political and religious bias on YouTube’s part.”

But despite all the backlash, Youtube continues to use its power to censor our patriots from voicing out. This Big Tech company just keeps getting worse.

Notice how Youtube is now preventing viewers from seeing the number of dislikes on a video. Now, we’re unable to see the thousands of dislikes on Biden’s lousy speeches. Youtube keeps on silencing people’s opinions to mislead them…

In Axios’ report, Youtube deactivated two channels linked to the Oath Keepers this year. 

This is a right-wing militia group whose members have been charged concerning the January 6 Capitol riot.

The Big Tech company deactivated the following channels:

  • A channel named Oath Keepers – taken after the group mentioned above – which had less than 45,000 subscribers
  • A channel that belonged to the group’s national leader, Stewart Rhodes – which had less than 20 subscribers

Twitter also banned the Oath Keepers two years ago. It was reported that the group violated the Big Tech company’s social media policies on violent extremist groups…

Youtube will no longer allow Oath Keepers to create, use, or own any channel. It will also immediately remove re-uploads of the group’s old videos. They will also delete new channels that will attempt to reuse content from the two deactivated channels.

Youtube spokesperson Ivy Choi believes that the two channels broke the platform’s creator responsibility guidelines.

She said, “[If] significant evidence is presented in a court of law against a creator for a very egregious crime, we may terminate their channel if its Youtube comment is closely related to the crime.”

Then she added, “This termination follows evidence presented in federal indictments against the Oath Keepers and the charges against them and their role in the January 6 attacks.”

The January 6th attack was the result of controversy and frustration with the government’s handling of what appeared to be a rigged election.

In a country where our vote should matter, it’s frustrating to watch the government abuse its power…  

Youtube is using its power to censor our patriots who needed a platform to be heard. There’s a big chance this woke company favors the dems more than us. 

It’s no wonder such an event took place – when people were fed up with the liberal’s ruthless agenda. 

Our patriot leaders need to do something about censorship before Big Tech companies like Youtube brainwash everyone…

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