Biden’s Incompetence Is Costing Us

The US and China continue to drift apart thanks to the Biden administration. So far, we’ve seen:

This growing rift is causing tension and unrest among conservatives. They feel that the Biden administration is to blame for why the US is on bad terms with China.

American citizens are also growing frustrated with how the administration handles the situation. Each day, it seems like we’re losing ground to China in the never-ending race to be the world’s top superpower.

The administration has not done anything to improve the relationship between the US and China. In fact, they only made things worse.

China Criticizes US Chip Law as a Threat to Trade

China criticized a US law encouraging chip production in the US. They see it as a threat to trade and an attack on Chinese business. 

Biden has signed the $52 billion law to grant and aid investors in US chip factories. It will also respond to warnings that supplies might be disrupted if China attacks Taiwan… which produces up to 90% of high-end chips.

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin believes the legislation will “disrupt international trade… and distort global semiconductor supply chains.” He said on Newsmax, “China firmly opposes that.”

Wang also clarified that parts of the law  “restrict companies’ normal investment and economic and trade activities in China.”

Biden Allows China to Dictate the US?

The president of China, Xi Jinping, warned Biden not “to play with fire” regarding Taiwan. Unfortunately, Biden remained passive after receiving the message.

This triggered Rep. Pat Fallon to be vocal against Biden’s incompetence. The Patriot leader believes that Biden is allowing Xi to dictate the US “instead of being bold and strong.” Fallon said, “China’s never going to be stronger than they will be in 2030. I’m fearful that they’re going to act between now and then to try and seize Taiwan.“

Then he added, “Xi Jinping has got to act like the tough guy. All authoritarian regimes have to do that. And Joe Biden should have been very clear that Xi Jinping, ‘If you and your communist brothers cross those Taiwanese straits, you’re in hot water with the United States.'”

Administration Slow to React to China’s US Land Grab

Moreover, the Biden administration has slowly reacted to China acquiring US properties.  

Rep. Dan Meuser shared his thoughts during an interview. He said, “We do have a level of scrutiny on foreign purchases, particularly on countries engaged in terrorist activities and such.” 

Then he added, “So, look, we need a higher level of scrutiny; and we’re not alone. China is engaged in this sort of activity in the U.K. and other countries.”

The current admin has shown its incompetence even further. It needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

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