Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act Will Only Do the Opposite

Biden’s spending plan materialized after 18 months of negotiation in the US Senate. The liberals were able to pass the Inflation Reduction Act this August. Unfortunately, the dems convinced Senators Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema to support their spending plan.

Now, the liberals are a step ahead of us. We need to stop this before anything worse happens. The idea of this legislation is terrible. Knowing Biden, the only thing it will do for our country’s inflation problem is create more problems. We’ve seen the demo-rat:

The twisted dems refuse to listen to our warnings… and they will only make the situation more complicated for all of us. Our patriots predict that inflation will only worsen under their watch.

The Inflation Reduction Act Will Do the ‘Opposite’

Most of our patriot leaders believe that there is nothing good in the Inflation Reduction Act. It will only do the opposite.

Rep. Dan Bishop told Newsmax that the legislation “will do exactly the opposite of what we should be doing” to avoid a recession. He said, “You get accustomed very quickly … to seeing bills misnamed in Congress. This bill, the Inflation Reduction Act, frankly by everybody’s admission, even [Vermont independent Sen.] Bernie Sanders… has nothing to do with that. It will do exactly the opposite of what we should be doing.”

Then he added, “You don’t tax your way out of an incipient recession. You don’t spend another $750 billion on the Green New Deal and 87,000 new IRS agents… and thereby reduce inflation.”

Moreover, Grover Norquist, the Americans for Tax Reform president, was also not impressed by dem’s political stunt. He believes there will be more taxes and cost of living. Norquist said, “The bill increases taxes on coal. It increases taxes on crude oil and gasoline. It increases taxes on manufacturing natural gas. How does that ever reduce the cost of living?”

Norquist also thinks that the legislation is nothing but lies from Biden. He added, “Nothing in his bill reduces inflation or pretends to reduce inflation. The only honest thing about this bill when they call it the Inflation Reduction Act is admitting they’ve been lying for a year and a half when they said there was no inflation.”

Another Empty Promise?

One year ago, Biden promised to ‘stay’ in Afghanistan until ‘all’ Americans got out. He didn’t keep his word. 

His actions caused hundreds of Americans to be stranded after the demo-rat withdrew our US troops. Moreover, it was reported that the US left military equipment worth $7 billion. The supplies abandoned were “military aircraft, ground vehicles, weapons, and other military equipment.”

If Biden could give us empty promises just like what he did in Afghanistan… then there’s a chance that the demo-rat would do the same for the Inflation Reduction Act. We shouldn’t get our hope up for this one.

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