Dems Waste $1.5 Trillion for Unnecessary Domestic Programs

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The administration continues to ruin our country with the inflation it caused.

Since last year, the dems seated in power didn’t focus on managing inflation. Instead, we’ve seen them:

As a result of their incompetence, we started 2022 with consumer prices going up by 7%. It was the fastest increase in 40 years. 

The twisted dems never even took responsibility for what they did. We’ve seen them blame the meat industry and supply chain for the terrible state of our economy. Biden even pointed his finger at Vladimir Putin for the soaring inflation in America.

Now, the dems continue to spend more despite the inflation…

House Passes a $1.5 Trillion Omnibus Spending Bill

Last March, the House passed a sweeping $1.5 trillion omnibus spending package to fund the government. 

The House first voted 361-69 to back funding for the Pentagon, Department of Homeland Security, and other national security priorities. Then they voted 260-171 to adopt the provisions related mainly to domestic programs.

The omnibus package also covers $14 billion for funding assistance for Ukraine and central European allies. But we won’t be sure if the dems are only using this as an excuse, so it’d look like they’re helping our allies… and not just using the bill to their own advantage.

Republican Senator Bill Hagerty of the Foreign Relations Committee exposed the liberals’ incompetence during an interview on Fox.

Hagerty shared that the bill is only keeping our country away from military readiness. He said, “What they want to do is spend on the domestic side creating more social programs, more government dependency moving us closer, closer to socialism… but not toward military readiness.”

Then he said that Biden is making America weak. Hagerty added, “Joe Biden left our defense spending at low levels. Even as our adversaries are investing in their militaries.”

The senator then said where the government should be putting its funds. He said, “When you see the situation that’s unfolding in the rest of the world… we need to be moving in exactly the opposite direction. [We need] stronger America, stronger defense, not more socialist.”

Rep. James Comer of the House Oversight Committee was also disappointed with the Omnibus bill. He shared his thoughts on Newsmax. 

Comer made it clear that he never wanted any of this to happen. He said, “I’m never gonna be satisfied as long as Nancy Pelosi is [House] speaker. The process is terrible. We have to get back to regular order. There should be transparency in how Congress spends funds.” 

Then he said that the government is spending too much despite our inflation. He added, “We had some good Republican negotiators that kept a lot of bad things off the bill. But at the end of the day, it’s too much spending at a time when we have inflation.”

Our patriot leaders are on point. The Omnibus spending bill will only make our defenses weak… and they’re spending too much.

If the Senate doesn’t kill this bill, there’s a chance that it would drive America into ruin by drowning it in debt.

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