Cuomo Threatens the World

Just last week, we told you about New York governor Andrew Cuomo being credibly accused of sexual assault by a former employee.

Since then, another 4 women have come forward to say the same… and even top dems are demanding that Cuomo resign.

Instead of doing the right thing, Cuomo’s trying to threaten everyone into obeying him… here’s how.

Thanks to his stranglehold on New York politics, Andrew Cuomo has been a media darling for years, but the pandemic has shown just how pathetic he really is.

First, it was the nursing home coverup. Cuomo intentionally redirected elderly COVID patients into nursing homes, spreading the disease to those least able to fight it. 

Then, rather than take responsibility, he had the whole thing covered up, hiding thousands of deaths from official reports, and trying to crush the careers of anyone who dared speak up.

Last week, Cuomo was accused of another kind of harassment, as Lindsay Boylan, one of his former assistants, accused him of having sexually harassed and assaulted her on several occasions.

Since then, another 4 women have come out to accuse Cuomo of grabbing, threatening and sexually harassing them.

With the scandals and evidence mounting against Cuomo, just about everyone’s calling for him to resign, from Republican opponents to former dem supporters of Cuomo, including state senator Alessandra Biaggi.

After hearing Biaggi’s call for his resignation, Cuomo doubled down with a bizarre threat against anyone daring to stand against him: 

“Let’s release all the allegations JCOPE [an ethics board in New York] has against senate members and put them out in the public arena and then decide publicly if those senators should resign…”

It’s really not possible to read this as anything but a threat… “nice house, it would be a shame if something happened to it”.

Of course, it’s hardly surprising that a guy who acts the way Cuomo does isn’t going to do the right thing unless he’s forced to…

But the fact that he’s decided to keep on threatening everyone begging him to go should scare you.

It’s very ironic that Cuomo, his brother at CNN and his father all called The Godfather “anti-Italian”… maybe it just hit too close to home to see the mafia making the exact same kind of threats Cuomo loves to make.

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