The Biden Cult Gets Even Worse

Thought you’d seen the absolute worst of the Biden hero-worship from dems?

Think again. In a bizarre interview, top dem Pelosi shared what she seemed to think was a fun little anecdote about how her family thought about Biden…

In fact, what it showed was how deeply bizarre and out of touch the dems have become.

When people say dems are out of touch, they’re more right than they think – and it’s become worse than ever over the last few years. 

Talking about your family used to be a way for politicians to share fun, relatable, human stories, even during the Obama years. 

Now, it’s turned into a way for completely bizarre people to share stories that do nothing but show just how deeply unusual they are.

Nancy Pelosi is probably the single best example of this, with her stories inevitably leaving even the most dedicated dem supporters confused and worried.

So when she decided to share a story about how her grandchildren thought about Joe Biden, there’s only one way it could have gone. 

Talking about a visit to a store with her grandkids, Pelosi said that she heard “them pronounce, ‘In order to open these doors, we do not say open sesame, we say “Open Biden.”  That’s our magic word.’”

In the first place, that’s just bizarre. Sure, their family’s in politics, so you can understand why the children might be a little excited about meeting a top politician…

But what kind of person would share a story like that? It’s not ‘family circus’, it’s a weird story, told in a way that makes it seem even weirder – did both kids say that, or just one? Why would any child decide that the name of some guy they’ve just met is a “magic word”?

As always with this kind of news, there’s one thing you should do: imagine how the media would react to a Republican saying this about President Trump… telling the world that their grandchildren said ‘Open Trump’…

Claiming that ‘Trump’ is a “magic word”…

You know exactly how that would go – the media would accuse them of being completely insane for sharing a story like that, even if it actually happened… and they’d be right! 

It’s way past time for Pelosi to step down… even the dems know she’s barely holding it together. There’s just no reason for an 80 year old to be one of the most powerful figures in America – retire!

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  1. GI Bride

    The whole top Administration the White house as well as the congress need removing from office & need to step down from the democrat party. AS well as the squad &
    Eric. Swellell. The democrat party has fallen into total swamp people

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