President Trump’s Warp Speed Creates New Vaccine

When President Trump announced Operation Warp Speed in May last year, the mainstream media mocked him.

And yet, it just keeps on succeeding.

Now, Trump’s program pays off again, with a THIRD vaccine approved for use…

As soon as he realized that mass vaccinations would be necessary to save America from COVID, President Trump took an unprecedented step, authorizing billions in funding to get vaccines developed and sent out as soon as possible.

If you listened to the mainstream media, you’d probably think that Operation Warp Speed was a mistake… for months, they whined back and forth about the program.

Despite that, less than a year on, Warp Speed is looking like one of President Trump’s greatest achievements.

After the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines were approved months ago, pharma company Johnson & Johnson kept working to the Warp Speed contract, with their efforts finally paying off this week.

In fact, this latest vaccine might even be better than the other options… requiring just a single dose, rather than multiple injections, it’s going to make it far easier for people to get completely protected and return to normal life.

And because the vaccine doesn’t need to be frozen, it’s far easier to transport, and can be used just about anywhere… I don’t need to tell you how much of a difference that’s going to make for those living outside the big cities.

Despite the vaccine having been created thanks to President Trump’s program, the dems are trying to snatch the credit.

Just days ago, Joe Biden announced that we’d have enough vaccine doses for everyone by May. Of course, that wouldn’t be possible without the newly approved vaccine…

But that didn’t stop the mainstream media labelling it as “Biden’s success”.

The fact is, Biden’s had very little to do with the vaccine program. You can’t develop a vaccine in less than two months. That’s just a fact.

Every COVID vaccine that’s been created in America has been created thanks to President Trump’s work…

Like I said, there’s a reason that Operation Warp Speed will stand as one of the President’s greatest achievements.

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