Hillary Clinton Plays the Victim in the New York Democratic Convention

Senator Clinton giving her speech to a room busting at the seams of Clinton supporters. / Clinton and Lewis II / Flickr / October 12, 2007 / CC BY 2.0

We all know that Hillary Clinton is one of the fakest people in the liberal party…

Special Counsel for the United States Department of Justice John Durham exposed Clinton’s misdeeds against President Donald Trump last February. It was reported that the demo-rat paid a tech company to spy on Trump before and during his presidency. To no one’s surprise, Clinton denied all the claims against her.

Let’s not forget how the Clinton foundation tore Haiti apart. For the longest time, Hillary and Bill Clinton hid behind a facade of goodwill while they were neck-deep in the destruction of Haiti’s economy. The liberal media even cheered them on despite the chaos they caused.

Hillary Clinton continues to do her dirty work…

The demo-rat spoke a few weeks ago at the New York Democratic Convention. She used this opportunity to give our patriots a bad name. She slammed President Donald Trump, the GOP, and Fox News.

Clinton tried playing the victim of the right-wing media outlets. She said,  ‘We can’t get distracted, whether it’s by the latest culture war nonsense or some new right-wing lie on Fox or Facebook – by the way, they’ve been coming after me again later in case you might have noticed.”

Then, the demo-rat made it look like President Trump was the cause of the conspiracies against her. 

Clinton said, “It’s funny, the more trouble Trump gets into, the wilder the charges and conspiracies about me seem to get. Investigations draw closer to him. And on the right, the noise machine gets turned up.’’

She even spoke as if Trump and his children Don Jr. and Ivanka must be investigated… if their family businesses inflated business properties. But in fact, the ones who must be investigated are the Biden family with their money-laundering art business… and the Clinton family with their controversial Epstein tape.

Despite all her statements aimed to ruin our patriots, Clinton continues to avoid questions on why she called Durham’s recent filing a “fake scandal”… as she exited her speech at the convention.

Fox News asked her, “Why did you call the Durham filing a fake scandal Secretary Clinton? Why was it a fake scandal?”

Clinton went away quickly from the press and chose not to speak because it was a battle with strong evidence against her.

There goes Clinton again. Anything related to her wrongdoings becomes a conspiracy theory… and she puts Trump at fault somehow. She just laughs it off but doesn’t answer any questions and hurriedly exits the stage. She’s in a state of denial and has been that way through her entire political life.

To no one’s surprise, Clinton is receiving a lot of hate right now from our patriots…

As Clinton walked from her van, protesters shouted at the demo-rat, calling her “criminal” Others also chanted, “No Vaccine Mandates.” Reporters also caught the chants on video as the demo-rat entered the hotel where several protesters yelled, “Lock her up!”

Our patriots had enough of Clinton’s dirty play. She always blames everyone but herself. Just like every other twisted demo-rats out there, she should stop spouting all the nonsense in the media to ruin our patriots.

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