Washington Post Caught Biden Lying Again…

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Biden’s inconsistency with his claims is one of the biggest reasons why people lose respect for him. 

This year, the Washington Post awarded Biden with their harshest fact-check rating of “Four Pinocchios.” If this doesn’t mean that the demo-rat is a big liar, then who knows what does. 

He recently claimed that he was “arrested” for the first time as a teenager while attending a civil rights protest in Delaware. 

Biden spoke at Morehouse College in Atlanta a few weeks ago. He said, “I did not walk in the shoes of generations of students who walked these grounds. But I walked other grounds. Because I’m so damn old, I was there as well. You think I’m kidding, man. It seems like yesterday the first time I got arrested.”

Glenn Kessler, the Washington Post’s resident fact-checker, shared his disbelief on Biden. He made a statement after investigating the demo-rat. 

Kessler wrote, “The primary source for this story is Biden, and we’ve learned over the years that he is not always a reliable source… If any new evidence turns up, we’re always willing to revisit this fact check.” The fact-checker also added that Biden never mentioned the arrest in his memoirs…

Washington Examiner Editor-in-Chief Hugo Gordon shared his thoughts on Biden’s latest claim. He believes that The Washington Post thinks of Biden as more and more of a liability.

Gordon said, “The Washington Post is starting to come to the conclusion that Joe Biden is a liability. I think that the fact that they would take up something like this strange fabrication about being arrested… do therefore open the doors on it shows that they are seeing him as a liability as well.”

Right now, it’s a bit difficult to tell if he’s really lying or if his dementia is just getting worse…

Forgetting things is one thing. But remembering things that never happened is a sign of a problem. There’s a chance that Biden is moving to the next stage of his mental decline.

Soon Biden will be telling more illusionary stories on how he fought in the last battle of Afghanistan and stopped Covid-19 to save America.

The demo-rat makes more mistakes as time passes by. We’ve also seen Biden’s inconsistencies in his previous publicity activities…

Remember, he claimed that the stock market was in good shape last year – even if it was not. He said that the stock market “has gone up exponentially” since he’s been president.

He also made a promise that no single American would be left behind in Afghanistan. But in the end, he only proceeded with his “strategic withdrawal,” which was one of the worst decisions in his term as president. He abandoned remaining American civilians and allies in Afghanistan… while leaving millions of dollars worth of military equipment behind for the Taliban to steal.

His massive failure in Town Hall just showed that he doesn’t know what he’s doing as president. The administration even had to put Biden in a talk show with Jimmy Fallon to give him a publicity boost after failing many times to prove that he’s a legitimate president.

Whether these false claims are part of some politically motivated agenda or can be chalked up to a case of onsetting dementia. One thing is for sure… 

This demo-rat can’t be trusted because he says one thing and does another. He needs to be replaced by someone who can walk the talk and make America great again…

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  1. zepher zipping

    Once again it will take a Republican to get America back on the right track. Democrats have stomped Americans into the ground , even Russia or China or Iran couldn’t have pulled off this destructive measures of hate for the American way . For Americans to be great again . It will happen nobody wants what democrats are all about ! Evil intentions .

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