Dems Fail to Strip Away Our Gun Rights

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The dems are always ready to take away our freedom to protect ourselves with firearms. They continue making anti-gun laws to stay in control and stifle that “Republican culture” in our country.

But 2022 has just begun, our fellow patriots are getting the upper hand so far…

Republicans on Senate Passed Gun Bill on College Campuses

Patriot leaders in the Arizona State Judiciary approved a bill allowing concealed carry. This will be specifically for students in public colleges and universities. 

Students will be required to have concealed weapons permit to freely carry a gun. This year, the bill heads to the full Senate.

This bill is our GOP lawmaker’s latest effort to erase anti-gun policies on college campuses in the state.

Senator Wendy Rogers, the bill sponsor, shared his thoughts on this movement. He said, “I am a believer that guns save lives. If a student has a concealed weapons permit… then he or she should be able to carry on campus and thus make the campus safer.” 

Despite all our patriot’s efforts, there are still people who oppose the bill. Dem Senator Martin Quezada believes that more guns will only cause violence.

The demo-rat said, “Policies that force colleges to allow guns on campuses are likely to lead to more shootings, to more homicides, to more suicides, and more dangerous situations, not less. We keep promoting this false narrative that guns answer all our problems. No, it’s not.”

Liberals are expected to be closed-minded with our patriot leader’s approach. They just won’t believe that the youth can be responsible with guns. There’s no way we can trust these dems if they won’t put their trust in us first.

The Dems may be against this movement. But still, this bill is going well so far because of the solid support of our patriot leaders.

Closing Gun Stores Violated California’s 2nd Amendment Rights

California’s two counties in Ventura and Los Angeles violated the Constitution’s “right to keep and bear arms.” They shut down several gun stores during the pandemic… taking advantage of the situation to remove our freedom.

Owner of Redstone Firearms Jonathan Solomon shared his thoughts on this matter. He believes that everyone should be able to protect themselves during uncertainty. Solomon said, “During the pandemic, it’s absolutely important [for] everyone to protect themselves.”

Bob Templeton from the Crossroads of the West Gun Shows thinks that the counties violated the Constitution. He said, “Clearly, these both counties, Ventura and Los Angeles counties, violated the Second Amendment rights of the citizens there. [They closed] the gun stores and denied them access to firearms during a critical period.”

Now, it’s time to make those liberals who ordered the shutdowns pay the gun shops for the loss of revenue they caused. Our gun shop owners need justice after being played by these counties.

As lawlessness increases, people need to be able to defend themselves. The dems failed to strip our conservative rights… and they deserved to be humiliated like that. 

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