Biden Continues to Fail Ukraine

Despite the war between Russia and Ukraine, our country remains to be powerless… and unable to help our allied country. One big reason is that Joe Biden is the person leading our country. So far, we’ve seen:

Biden has proven himself unworthy of being the president of the United States. How long can he keep his facade during this crisis?

Biden Called Putin a “Butcher” After Meeting Ukrainian Refugees in Poland

Last March, Biden went to Poland to meet with Ukrainian refugees. The demo-rat’s agenda is to make himself look like a leader by assisting the humanitarian and refugee efforts amid the Russia-Ukraine war.

During that time, a reporter asked Biden what he thought of Putin. The demo-rat said, “He’s a butcher.”

Biden has been calling Putin names, but he’s never able to lay a finger on him. Earlier this year, Biden called him a “war criminal.” In 2021, the liberal called the Russian president a “killer.” 

The demo-rat may be acting like he’s helping Ukraine. But in reality, blood is on Biden’s hands as well… especially when he chose not to act when the world saw Russia building its forces on the Ukrainian border.

Psaki Not Sending Biden to Ukraine

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said they’re not allowing Biden to go to Ukraine in an interview.

Psaki first sugarcoated her statement that Biden was willing to go to Ukraine. She said, “The man likes fast cars and aviators. He’s ready to go to Ukraine. It’s true he does.”

Then she firmly said that they’re not allowing Biden to go to the warzone. Psaki added, “We are not sending the president to Ukraine. That is not in the plans for the president of the United States. We should all be maybe relieved about that.”

Biden told the press that he was eager to go to Ukraine. He said, “Part of my disappointment is that I can’t see it first-hand as I have in other places.”

From its looks, Biden is not really in charge… and there’s a chance that he’s only an empty suit fronting some unknown group running the government.

Biden Tries to Give $800 Million to Ukraine

Biden announced an $800 million military aid for Ukraine a few weeks later. They also sent weapons that included:

  • Heavy artillery
  • Dozens of howitzers
  • 144,000 rounds of ammunition
  • Tactical drones

It’s also possible that the liberals planned to announce all these to cover up for their decision of not letting Biden go to Ukraine… despite boldly challenging Putin and calling him names.

More importantly, there’s a chance that the administration is only using our taxpayers’ hard-earned money. They’re getting it from the ones struggling to put food on their tables and gas in their vehicles. 

Our minds about Biden’s leadership won’t change despite all the publicity stunts from the administration. America doesn’t deserve a leader like him.

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