Former Pentagon Official: US Infrastructure’s Cyber Defense at ‘Kindergarten’ Level

The war between Russia and Ukraine continues. Unfortunately, America seems to be too weak to do anything relevant… especially with the administration we have today. 

Biden’s lack of leadership made our country weak during this crisis. We’re unable to help Ukraine when it needs us the most. But more importantly, we aren’t even sure if America can defend itself if something goes wrong…

Former Pentagon official Nicolas Chaillan admitted that America doesn’t stand a chance if Russia and China combine forces. He shared his thoughts during an interview on Fox.

Chaillan made it clear that America won’t be able to do much if the two countries joined forces together. He said, “Not many nations would be able to push back. I don’t even think the United States won’t be able to push back… if tomorrow Russia and China decide to come together against us. It will be very difficult for us to have a fighting chance.”

Then he said that Russia isn’t using its full force yet, and we shouldn’t underestimate their president. He added, “We have to be cautious. I always remind people that President Putin is not stupid, and we may not yet understand what his plan was all along. I would really urge people not to just discard him. This is not the full force of the Russian capabilities.”

The former Pentagon official also disclosed that he’s more afraid of what China can do right now. Chaillan said, “Quite honestly, I’m way more scared about China. [They] have multiple options to help Russia. The question really is, what kind of scale are they really gonna go in with full capabilities?”

Chaillan elaborated on how China can help Russia be more efficient in tracking down the Ukrainian president. He said,  “The most advanced the Chinese capability that they will probably consider giving away? First will probably be some of the several offense capabilities. Then [they] also have some AI and machine learning capabilities that can be used to look at satellite imagery and find where troops are located. [They would] be able to do better real-time analysis of what’s going on on the ground, potentially even be used to track the Ukrainian president as well… [who is] obviously the primary target of Russia.” 

Then he bluntly admitted that there’s a chance that China and Russia are already working together. He said, “So all these technologies can be used for looking at the massive amount of data and be able to analyze it rapidly, efficiently that humans will not be able to make rapidly. I wouldn’t be so surprised if they’re already being shared and used. But they will be very difficult to prove, of course.”

Chaillan ended his statement by telling everyone that America is in a very vulnerable state right now. The former Pentagon official said, “I can tell you, our cyber defense is very poor. It’s at the kindergarten level. So it would be very impactful to US citizens if something were to happen.”

Now that the damage has been done, one thing is certain…

Our radical left government hates freedom and only wants to control us. They never thought about potential foreign adversaries. It’s clear that the liberals seated in power – such as Biden and Harris – are responsible for making our country weak.

We need to have a true leader who can fix this mess and make America great again.

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