Is Biden’s $1.75 Trillion Bill Fully Paid For?

The White House passed Biden’s $1.75 trillion budget plan last November. The majority in the chamber – consisting of leftists – approved the unnecessary “Build Back Better Act” with a vote of 220-213.

The bill features massive investments in health care, education, housing, the environment, and other policies that benefit the dems agenda; it would also require taxes to be raised on wealthy Americans and big corporations… to help pay for this big project.

Yes, the dems were victorious once again with the approval of their bill. But Biden and the dems’ integrity remains questionable through and through.

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) is in charge of evaluating the cost of the legislation. They released their estimate showing that the liberals’ plan to boost Internal Revenue Service (IRS) funding in the budget bill to increase auditing of wealthy Americans and big corporations… “would not generate” the dems’ forecasted $400 billion revenue.”

Instead, the CBO stated that the legislation “would only raise the federal deficit by $367 billion over the next decade.”

A nonpartisan arbiter also reported that the trillion-dollar domestic spending bill “does not raise enough revenue to cover its cost.”

All these insights show that the “Build Back Better Act” won’t make America any better. It would only destroy our country over the following years.

Since Biden was seated, he’s already destroying the economy. We’ve already seen:

But despite all this proof, the dems still think that they’re doing a great job leading our country…

The dem Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen disagreed with CBO’s figures. She insists that their bill is more than fully paid for… because they are “asking large corporations and the country’s top earners to pay their fair share and by finally ensuring high-income tax evaders pay what they owe.”

Like all the other dems, House Majority Whip James Clyburn also thinks that the bill can help improve the country.

The demo-rat said, “We think we’ve got a good bill. They think they can make it better. Let them go at it. They may make it better. And we will accept it better.”

Why is it every time the dems propose something… they always say wealthy Americans and big corporations will have to pay their fair share? These liberals keep spewing the same garbage about the rich not paying their taxes.

The other dems would agree on what their fellow liberals would say… hoping the general public will believe them.

But let’s not forget that Biden is also not paying his taxes as consistently as we may think. Government reports say that he could owe $500,000 in back taxes.

The dems are nothing but hypocrites who can’t practice what they preach. 

The “Build Back Better Act” should have never been approved in the first place. Americans don’t want any part of this farce…

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